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Ordering this product gives you finalToon 4 including sample scenes.
The price mentioned is for a yearly subscription, monthly rate is for illustration purpose, only.

finalRender -one full year subscription license. Provides access to the very latest major finalRender version and all updates. Does not extend automatically - renew yearly as needed.

This License allows you to use all the CPU cores installed on your system. Up to 2 CUDA GPU Cards can be used in addition to the CPU cores for Rendering.

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In this DVD, Hristo Velev starts from the very beginning, by explaining what thinkingParticles is all about. Then he builds upon a solid foundation of theory and technical knowledge from the program. From there, Hristo elucidates an extensive set of basic concepts which guide you through the massive amount of features in thinkingParticles.

The HouseFX - FULL Package, for those who want it all! Including sample scenes

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This is a Download only product! You have to be able to download 5GB. There is no physical product shipment available!