finalRender Free - One Render Device Version

Choose anytime between CPU or GPU

finalRender Free includes all the latest features and it is free to use for commercial work.
Yes, you read that right. finalRender FREE is a new free tier version that you can use for your commercial projects. The following features are not available in the free version:

  • trueHybrid is Off - One Device only. Choose GPU or CPU
  • finalToon is not included
  • No network rendering
Important: Check the License & Specifications link to the left.

Please Scroll down to learn more about important system specifications.

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How to get your finalRender Free Version

Follow these simple steps:

1.) Read: License&Specifications

2.) Create a Free Account and then get the Web-Installer: cebas Product Manager

3.) Install cebas Product Manager and choose: Install Trials, Only

4.) For Community Support register at our Forum: cebas Support Wall

To get the free version we kindly ask that you register with our web page. This ensures that you will get updates and important bug fixes when they become available.

GPU rendering demands the latest NVIDIA drivers and modern GPU cards. See below for minimum hardware and 3DS Max versions compatibility.


  • 3ds Max 2024
  • -23
  • -22 | CPU:SSE4.2
  • GPU:CUDA 10.2 Shading Model 6.x