thinkingParticles & finalFluid BUNDLE

finalFluid and thinkingParticles are a match made in heaven. Not only does this combination bring a fiery punch to the table, it is adding greater flexibility and powerful procedural operators to an already high performing Real-Time GPU Fluid Dynamics system.

Best Visual Effects Trifecta on the Market

3ds Max, thinkingParticles and finalFluid combined, offer unmatched versatility in Fluid, Fire and Smoke simulation for artists at different levels of experience. This software bundle builds upon the unmatched power and flexibility of 3ds Max and its unique breed of artists. Offering intuitive controls, an all new Real-Time Effects workflow within 3ds Max and the power of 100% procedural thinkingParticles.

With this Bundle Your VFX Toolkit is Complete!

Outperforming everyone in price, ease of use and flexibility, finalFluid & thinkingParticles are the answer to the ever growing workload of any modern VFX studio. Real-Time fire & smoke effects have become the standard now! Do not lose out to any other VFX studio, benefit from the instant GPU power and 3ds Max’ unmatched flexibility to deliver shots in a shorter amount of time.
Use any renderer of your choice - be it the integrated Arnold renderer or any other 3rd party option like vray for example. Or why not even get the fastest and best physically accurate Spectral Based Renderer to beat them all: finalRender.
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DataChannels: Pathway to unlimited Possibilities

thinkingParticles’ innovative DataChannel system allows to store arbitrary information with every single particle. Temperature, amount of Fuel, amount of Smoke - actually every single aspect of finalFluid can be controlled via particle simulation. The Limit is Your imagination!

Particle Driven Effects - Have it Both Ways!

Particles, created by thinkingParticles, can drive finalFluid effects and finalFluid can drive thinkingParticles effects.
For example: Smoke or Fire density could control particle size or fire and smoke velocities could affect particle speed.

Revolutionary Direct Volume Rendering

At first it seems a non issue, look deeper - You realize why no one in the industry ever created Direct Volume Rendering for 3ds Max. No matter how intertwined the effects setup may be, press “Render” anytime and you get what You see! No complicated file export or format handling needed.



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