finalRender Drop 5: NanoVDB Volume Rendering

Subscription Drop 5 stays true to its trueHybrid™ promise, even when massive volumetric datasets are used. finaRender is your next generation Visual FX powerhouse! In addition to the standalone rendering plugin for 3ds max, finalRender became a core part of every new single release of thinkingParticles. You can work with massive OpenVDB operations in 3ds Max - and thanks to thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 10 - those massive data sets can easily be handled and visualized with finalRender. If You are an architect, a general 3D vizualisation artist or a visual effects pro, finalRender covers it all. Just pick the one rendering solution that does it all.

Drop 5 Key Features

Scale across multiple GPUs seamlessly

Automatically combines GPU memory over NVLink® for large scenes

AI Accelerated rendering using Tensor Cores

Ray Tracing acceleration using RT Cores. 

Unlimited Network Rendering Available

Fast Iterations, Save time and cost

You got to try it to know it. Download our Unlimited Fee version of finalRender.
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Unleashing the Beauty of OpenVDB Volumes

finalRender Subscription Drop 5 is not only about direct rendering industry standard OpenVDB volumes. It is so much more! With its full OptiX™ RTX framework support, specifically optimized for Ray Tracing performances on the GPU, architects and general 3D vizualisation artists benefit from an ever increasing power to visualize.
trueHybrid De-Noiser options have also been enhanced, in this latest relase, and take full advantage of either the GPU or CPU.

The Power of NanoVDB

NanoVDB, a subset of OpenVDB, optimized to leverage the power of highly parallel processing which is perfect for the GPU and modern CPUs. NanoVDB is the fastes way to visualize massive OpenVDB volume data structures.
CPU and GPU accelerated NanoVDB really shines with finalRender's Unbiased Physically Based Spectral renderer. By leveraging the rendering power of your CPU and GPU at the same time, finalRender squeezes every available bit of processing power out of your Workstation.


  • 3ds Max 2022
  • -21
  • -20
  • -19 | CPU:SSE4.2
  • GPU:CUDA 10.2 Shading Model 6.x