finalRender Drop 6: fR-PyroVDB Redefining Fire&Smoke

finalRender Subscription Drop 6 updated to the latest OptiX 7.5 Version delivering better RTX performance and feature compatibility. finalRender’s CUDA core has been brought up to the latest CUDA version 11.7.
DirectVolumeRendering adds improved and faster volume rendering for even more products. As of now, there is no other 3ds Max rendering application on the market offering DirectVolumeRendering of OpenVDB volumes. cebas Visual Technology invented DVR to enable the 3D artist to fully experience the power of OpenVDB inside of 3ds Max.
Now, finalFluid™ is supported via DirectVolumeRendering as is thinkingParticles. This combination of remarkable technologies propels 3ds Max to be the number one choice for advanced procedural visual effects creation.

Drop 6 Key Features
  • fR-PyroVDB: Fire&Smoke Material with unmatched flexibility and power.
  • DirectVolumeRender: of finalFluid right out of the box.
  • 3ds Max 2023: In-Viewport Volume visualization
  • Temporal GPU denoising
  • Unlimited Network Rendering Available
  • Fast Iterations, Save time and cost
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fR-PyroVDB - Releasing Hell Fire

finalRender Subscription Drop 6 is not only about direct rendering industry standard OpenVDB volumes. It is so much more! With its full OptiX™ RTX framework support, specifically optimized for Ray Tracing performances on the GPU, architects and general 3D visualization artists benefit from an ever increasing power to visualize.
trueHybrid De-Noiser options have also been enhanced, in this latest release, and take full advantage of either the GPU or CPU.

The Power of fR-PyroVDB

finalRender’s latest material is not just another NanoVDB powerhouse, it helps bring 3ds Max to par with the best VFX tools in the industry. fR-PyroVDB is the fastest, most advanced dedicated Fire & Smoke rendering solution for 3ds max. Its unmatched flexibility, control and physically accurate spectral shading makes it stand out and unique. There is nothing like it on 3ds Max.
CPU and GPU accelerated NanoVDB volume rendering really shines with finalRender's Unbiased Physically Based Spectral renderer. By leveraging the rendering power of your CPU and GPU at the same time, finalRender squeezes every available bit of processing power out of your Workstation.


  • 3ds Max 2025
  • -24
  • -23 | CPU:SSE4.2
  • GPU: OptiX 7.5 CUDA 12.x Shading Model 5.x