thinkingParticles 7.2 Subscription DROP2

ME-L a revolution in the making!

Procedural VFX for 3ds Max - Just got got a Speed Boost! thinkingParticles continues to innovate and bring advanced simulation technology to 3ds Max. With the Release of Subscription Drop 2, thinkingParticles 7.2 delivers on the promise of making 3ds Max the most powerful procedural Visual Effects Tool on the market. Just shy of 2 months after its Major release of thinkingParticles 7.1, the innovation continues! thinkingParticles 7.2 delivers on enhanced robustness and increased speed. Subscription users can enjoy more stability, enhanced OpenVDB processing speed, and a whole new expression language called ME-L.

NanoVDB & finalRender - Free with thinkingParticles

NanoVDB is a highly optimized subset of OpenVDB, optimized to leverage the power of massive parallel processing units. Such processing power is usually found in modern CPUs and GPUs. However, while NanoVDB really shines on modern high performance GPUs, it does also render remarkably well on modern multicore CPUs. GPU accelerated NanoVDB functionality, in thinkingParticles, is offered through the use of the fastest and most advanced Unbiased Physically Based Spectral renderer available for 3ds Max: finalRender. It is the only renderer offering trueHybrid™ rendering technology, delivering to you the best of both worlds. CPU, GPU or both of the devices can be used, leveraging the full potential and rendering power of your Workstation.

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thinkingParticles 7.2 - ME-L

Say hello to thinkingParticles' new fully multithreaded Math Expression Language (short:ME-L), specifically tailored to enable ultra fast volume data generation through OpenVDB. ME-L is lightning fast and is able to achieve breathtaking speedups in handling and manipulating volume data, when compared to its predecessor. This math expression language opens up a whole new world of procedural possibilities in Visual Effects creation. ME-L offers all the hard core basics and advanced math operations, and in addition, it has been extended to specifically support OpenVDB operations right within thinkingParticles.

OpenVDB 9.1.0 - The Journey Continues

OpenVDB is one of the most relevant and active industry standards for the whole VFX industry. Updates and enhancements of OpenVDB are released at a high rate, forcing participating developers to be on a constant lookout for innovations and re-integration into their own tool set. thinkingParticles is at the forefront of this revolution and integrates new advancements whenever possible. This latest OpenVDB release is now a core part of thinkingParticles and all subscribers will enjoy the enhancements and advantages of this new release of OpenVDB.
With the addition of OpenVDB PointDataGrid support, and highly efficient GPU accelerated NanoVDB rendering through finalRender at no extra cost, the 3ds Max VFX Powerhouse just became elevated to new heights.


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