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With the latest launch, Phoenix FD can now be driven using thinkingParticles - adding greater flexibility and powerful procedural operators to an already high performing Fluid Dynamics simulator.

Phoenix FD bundled with TP is a new force to be reckon with!

Combined, they offer you unmatched versatility in Fluid, Fire and Smoke simulation for artists at different levels of simulation experience. Super intuitive controls, quick pre-sets makes it less stressful for any new 3D or CG artist wanting dynamic effects for their V/FX in film, advertising or design in the new media.
The Phoenix FD powerful simulation engine also offers the more experienced artists complex effects advanced options, such as adding powerful particle effects. By bundling with thinkingParticles, you get real Rule-Based flexibility and procedural controls to create multiple complex FX scenes with minimal workflow glitches.

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With this Bundle Your VFX toolkit is complete!

Enter the Procedural Visual Effects World of Never Seen before Fluid Effects.
Seamlessly integrated into Autodesk 3ds Max and fully optimized to render with V-Ray. Phoenix FD cost-effective pricing fits any customer’s needs for flexible licensing options including perpetual, rental, and simulation-only licenses. Gain a savings of $105 when BUNDLED!

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Drive 'em ! Rev 'em ! even FLIP 'em ! with thinkingParticles

Phoenix FD is an all-in one solution for fluid dynamics now integrated with thinkingParticles physically-accurate Multi-Physics including Open Volumetric Data, RGB and Fluid interactions and transfer of particle motion for nuances and effects. The Phoenix FD Thinking Particles operators allow you to create and modify particles based on the Phoenix FD fluid simulation.

Phoenix FD TP Birth operator

This birth probability is based on the fluid parameters and is determined by the corresponding diagrams. For example, particles can be created only in those areas of the Phoenix FD simulation where the Temperature is above a certain threshold, there is no Smoke, or the Speed is very high

Phoenix FD TP Force operator

This Thinking Particles operator affects the movement of particles using the velocity from a Phoenix FD simulation. It allows you to give your particles an interesting motion pattern to add more variety to your scenes. It requires the simulator's cache to contain the grid Velocity channel.

Phoenix FD TP Sample operator

The Phoenix FD Sample operator allows you to extract Grid Channel data from the Phoenix FD Simulator. For example, the Speed channel can be sampled and transferred to a vertex color map for a mesh instance.

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