thinkingParticles 7.31 Update Available Now

thinkingParticles 7.31 is here! It's an exciting update that brings more features and enhancements to empower 3ds Max 3D artists like never before.

      Release V7.31.415 3/11/24

New Sample Scenes Download Method: Sample scenes are NO LONGER part of the install.  SampleScenes can be downloaded here:  SampleScenes Download

CloudGen 1.1 System: CloudGen, an innovative Cloud Generator has been updated to V1.1 and is offered as a complimentary addition for our subscription users, enriching their toolkit for mesmerizing visual effects.
BulletPhysics: Specify the state parameter for floor node and deflector particle as either "Kinematic" or "Static," and regulate the sleep time for rigid bodies with precision using the new Sleep Time parameter, esuring optimal simulation control and realism.
ME-L: Seamlessly edit vertex colors across all UVW channels (0 - 99) empowering you to refine your 3D maps with precision and flexibility.
Update Notification Alarm: Get an automatic Plugin-Update notification window to inform you of new updates right from within the 3ds Max workspace. 
Many ME-L stability enhancements and Bug fixes including crashes when a field output was not connected.


Fluid Dynamics Revolutionized with SPH 7.3 Fluid Solver

Witness a leap in fluid dynamics with the introduction of the SPH 7.3 Fluid Solver. Undergoing a core solver rewrite, this enhancement redefines fluid simulation by delivering enhanced splashing behavior with remarkably realistic incompressible pressure dynamics.
As the most advanced SPH solver in the thinkingParticles arsenal, SPH 7.3 seamlessly integrates into workflows, setting a new standard in the 3ds Max VFX realm. Experience the excellence of fluid simulation by upgrading to SPH 7.3.

Node Updates for Enhanced Flexibility

Discover expanded capabilities with updates to nodes like:

  • Math
  • SnapShot
  • Comment
  • Memory.

These enhancements provide greater flexibility and improved user experience. Explore the power of the newly introduced options and streamline your workflow. 


Introducing the Explosion System - Making Things Go BOOM!

Unlock creativity with the new Explosion System, offering pre-built nodes for generating complex explosions. Fine-tune a plethora of parameters like:

  • Global Scale,
  • Global Speed
  • Burst
  • Debirs
  • Shockwave
  • and more ...

The Explosion System in SP4 allows you to create realistic and diverse explosion effects with ease. Explore the possibilities and achieve stunning results effortlessly. 

ME-L Scripting Language Gets a Boost

Experience the power of ME-L scripting language with new functions like:

  • slerp
  • nturbulence
  • cgradient
  • dprint
  • dmarker
  • dtext
  • dline
  • pshape_geom

These additions expedite the VFX creation process, introducing novel methodologies for 3D artists to explore and visualize effects like never before. 

OpenVDB Update: Version 11.0.0

thinkingParticles now boasts a core update to OpenVDB Version 11.0.0, offering hundreds of enhancements and tweaks for efficient storage and manipulation of sparse volumetric data. Explore new functions like ReNormalizeVDB and ResizeVDB, adding more flexibility to your volumetric workflows. 

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Service Pack 4 addresses several bugs, ensuring a smoother experience for users. From node cloning to OpenVDB operations, we've enhanced stability and functionality. The update includes fixes for issues related to MEL, pshape_geom_set, OpenVDB Load, and more. 

Stay ahead in the world of 3D visual effects with thinkingParticles 7.3 Service Pack 4. Check your cebas Product Manager and upgrade now to unleash the full potential of your creativity.

For detailed information on the new features, functions, and bug fixes, please refer to the updated Online Manual found here: What's New in SP4