Worlds best Scattering Companion: Forest Pack PRO

There is no better companion for your renderer!

Forest Pack is a plugin for 3ds Max® that provides a complete solution for creating vast areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground-cover, rocks and more.
Countless studios rely on Forest Pack's production-tested algorithms and native shaders to render scenes with virtually unlimited numbers of objects and polygons, all without putting a strain on computer resources.
Simulate natural distribution patterns and get the most out of your assets using advanced mapping and randomisation tools, or fine-tune your scatters with granular control over every aspect of the plugin.

Even better; finalRender fully supports highly optimized scattering on CPU and GPU. Most of the advanced Forest Pack Pro shaders pose no issue at all, and thanks to our trueHybrid™ approach to rendering you get the full power out of your hardware - every time.

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Forest Pack 2020

13 incredible new distribution maps to create more varied scatters

With three new modes of distribution: Path, Reference or Particle Flow. You can now do Multiple Paths on spline list as well as place objects on reference markers, or use PFlow as a distribution source.

Animators will be pleased to know that Forest Pack’s PFlow integration supports animated particles and it’s possible to use their scale and orientation information to affect the size and rotation of scattered items. Look out for the New Libraries as well!

| scatter unlimited source objects |use unlimited areas |planar surfaces|
| non-planar surfaces advanced features |randomly tint by object or element |
| collapsible to editable mesh |over 290 presets |add your own preset libraries|
| includes Forest Pack Tools to convert to native instances |


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