TheHouseFX: Hours of thinkingParticles Pleasure!

The NEW Dvd is a training package for destruction with thinkingParticles inside 3ds Max.
It is designed to show what it's like for an FX Artist inside a CG Pipeline.

With a directory structure based of off working industry pipelines, you'll learn how to manage and organize your project so you're ready for a thinkingParticles studio pipeline.

The dvd is for anyone with a passion to learn Rigid Body Dynamics & Destruction using thinkingParticles.

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It's TIME to destroy a House!

What The Training Package Offers:

- Over 10 hours of in-Depth tutorials that cover destruction with thinkingParticles for beginners to advanced levels.

- Multi-Layered house model built specifically for destruction. Materials, Textures, and IDs all ready to go. Hi-Res & Low Res options are included as well.

- What it's like for an FX Artist inside a CG Pipeline; a directory structure based of off working industry pipelines.

About The Author
Will Wallace is currently working as a Senior FX artist at Scanline VFX and has over 6 years of industry experience. He has credits in some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters which include The Avengers,Looper, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2, Snow White and the Huntsman, Pompeii, and many more.
You can view his works here: Personal Portfolio


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