Pixologic™ ZBrushCore - Your Best Leap Forward 2D into 3D

Positioned Affordably for the Avid 3D Artist and Modeler

At its heart, ZBrushCore is the same as the world-class and industry-famous ZBrush®2020. So whether you’re a professional, amateur or a complete beginner, you can be sure that you’ll get the results you want. Be it in games, animation or VFX. You still get the full set of ZBrush® Base Mesh Generation features with the majority of the ZBrush® amazing sculpting tools: 36 useful brushes of the 300+ from ZBrush®. A great price to level-up your Core Skills. That's the idea.

And for the 3D print artist or jewelry designer, rest assured that ZbrushCore comes with useful plugin-friendly advanced 3D file export, import/export function and the basic Keyshot Bridge support for rendering.

So, if you are a 2D artist wanting to get into more 3D Core Skills or a Wacom artist, this is one great tool you can't afford to miss. Your License will permit 2 activated machines.

Scroll down to know what are the main differences between ZbrushCore and ZBrush® 2020 before purchasing.

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ZBrush Core - the perfect tool to get into the 3D mode!

Before purchasing please learn which ZBrush® product will work best for you!

Major Differences -ZBrushCore VS ZBrush®2020 :

ZBrush®2020 has 300+ Sculpting Brushes. ZBrushCore has 36. Depending on the kind of projects your studio will be doing - level of details will vary. Ostentatiously, if you are a pro, you can either start with Core and upgrade when ready as what is paid for is re-credited, or just get the ZBrush® latest. If you are making a move from 2D then Core is a great way to train and expand, while still doing simple projects.

Maximum Number of Polygons / Mesh for ZBrush®2020 goes up to 100 million. ZBrushCore has 20 million, sufficient for most independent artist and/or boutique size studio projects.

ZBrush®2020 has the Live Boolean which enables the real-time preview of the Boolean operations between all the visible SubTools (mainly DynaMesh and Remesh All). ZBrushCore does not have Live Booleans. Live Boolean helps in processing the final model, with many complex sub-levels, as a true 3D model.


  • 64-bit Windows| CPU: i5/i7/Xeon |RAM: 8GB required |HDD: 100GB HDD free scratch disk space