thinkingParticles Partitioner: helps you streamline particle cache handling with Deadline.

Once again, our thinkingParticles Scriptspot Wizard, Marc Auvigne, has written an extremelt helpful Cache & Deadline Submission module. This script will help correct as well as manage thinkingPaticles 6.3 and above cache Submission locally or when sending the output to Deadline (Thinkbox) to make things more seamless.

TP Partitioner will also help you correct tP settings, manage cache tasks, with 3ds Max opened, or sending cache to Farm (requires at least 1 tP network-sim licence). The Script also allows for setting of simulation substeps, Cache substeps for your tP system.

You can download the script and use it for BlackBox as well at the Cebas BlackBox Repository page. 

Find out who's Marc.

Samples of tP Partitioner : video links

Partitions + smokeRender node (tP 6.2 feature) + Default Scanline render (because fast with smoke render). Showing sample done at beta stage. 

Partitioned Hot Fluides 

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TP Partitioner - mesh 'roses'


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