Thom Schillinger about Pitching Movies with Poster & Packaging Art

Thom Schillinger, A.K.A "THOM 3D"

Thom Schillinger is a graduate of the Art Center in Pasadena California from the Industrial Design Transportation program. Upon graduation in 1991, he went directly into Entertainment Design. He is self-taught in 3D design, as well as in 3ds Max.  He was an early adopter of finalRender back in 2001 and has been a dedicated user ever since. After working at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he designed the first 3D attraction for Epcot, he set up about half a dozen 3D design departments at various employers around the US.





cebas: It seems that movie poster and trailer design has been a key area for you in recent years. How did you get involved?

For the past decade or so, I have been doing 3D Illustration for the Theatrical Advertising world, mainly for movie poster advertising with one-sheets and billboards. This work progressed to DVD and Blue Ray menus, and finally some theatrical trailer work as well.


cebas: Which projects in particular were you involved in?

I have worked on about 500 campaigns with about 80 or so finished pieces that went to print. In recent years I did the Superman Returns logos and city renders, X-Men 2 and 3, as well as a few of the Twilight film logos, and just recently the Sucker Punch logos for theatrical clients.


cebas: What cebas software did you use and why?

3D Is the biggest paint brush in my toolbox, and since I am formally trained in advanced surfacing, I adapted to the 3D world quickly. The cebas finalRender engine makes this just that much more enjoyable.      



The movie, Sucker Punch



cebas: What other software did you use and how did the cebas tools perform for you? How did it compare to other renderers?

I have used many renderers for 3ds Max and have found finalRender to be by far the fasted and easiest to use. That alone makes adoption and learning so easy with this software.


cebas: What was the most fun or rewarding part of your work for you?

I get to use finalRender for all my clients for so many different applications: from theme park design, to product design and prototyping, architecture, stereoscopics, 3D illustration, motion graphics, and even web design.


cebas: What do you wish cebas software did that it's not currently doing for you?

Oh, lots of things (laughs)… like do my laundry! But as long as finalRender is available, it is my Number One renderer of choice.


More amazing work of Thom Schillinger can be found in his portfolio: Thom's Portfolio

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