Midway FX Exclusive! Exclusive! Breakdowns by Joe Scarr | ScanlineVFX, Montreal


This is one of those exclusive interviews where you get to follow the work of an amazing veteran FX artist (and Supervisor): Joe Scarr of ScanlineVFX (Montreal) on one of the most epic of film productions for 2019: Roland Emmerich's MIDWAY.  

You are seeing exclusive Flowline, thinkingParticles setups that were used by Joe Scarr and his team in epic dynamic scenes in Midway. Flowline is a ScanlineVFX proprietary software. 

Cebas did some catching up with Joe on what is the latest for him in Montreal. We had some humor along the way, quite tongue-in-cheek. And stay to the end for more bonus from Joe Scarr which he will announce on his TPMayhem.com  You can also follow updates from both facebook.com/cebasvt and facebook.com/scanlinevfx

** Update Feb 26 - Look out for Autodesk Interview with Joe Scarr next. **

Joe Scarr showcased and spoke about the following scene effects setups:

Aerial Attack (opening shot): muzzle flashes, tracers (thinkingParticles Smoke Operator), road destruction (Volume Breaker), 'TP leaves', custom cutting tools, ..

tp tracers

Aerial - Naval Attack:  creating TP particles out of Maya data - detection of ship impacts, water hit detection, tracers connecting to colliders, Flowline-thinkingParticles explosion system, Flowline 'ocean',  TDTool (off UI), smoke trails,  XRef, XMesh, Asset Switching, Memory Operator ... > 100 terrabytes! 

Wide Camera Aerial - Aircraft Carrier Battle: use of Flag Shells (Flowline), TP RGB sims for aircraft destruction, Flowline fires, plane attack scenes ...

Aircraft Carrier Explosion: thinkingParticles-driven Flowline explosions, compositing layers, debris, TPBullet SoftBody, BT Joints, low-res cloth sim, new TP ShapeDeform operator for hires geom, Flowline splashes, Sim anchors TP export, ...   

Sailors Escape Scene: thinkingParticles tracer smoke, spark hit tracers  .. 

Joe Scarr also gave a quick preview of what is to be expected in the next lineup of movie visual effects upcoming in 2020 - lots of super projects from ScanlineVFX. 

And Joe Scarr made an annaouncement you might want to keep track off on his TPMayhem.com - upcoming thinkingParticles major release DROP 9 - he is giving you free blackboxes. Thank you Joe Scarr.