Youssef Mahmoud Squid Visual Arts on Studio life & thinkingParticles Setups


Welcome to the cebas New Talent interview. This time round we feature a story from Cairo, Egypt with Youssef Mahmoud, a highly-motivated and self-taught achiever. Youssef began his journey in high school biology and played a lot of Playstation, and worked hard as well to finally own one of the few visual effects V/FX found today in Cairo, the Egyptian capital. In this interview, he talks about the journey. 

Youssef has also kindly show us some of his recent FX projects from a television series Adii Alam and RnD with thinkingParticles. Here are the timestamps: (beginner-friendly):

1) Library transformation thinkingParticles FX setup -

2) Moving jeep with zombies + bridge extension scenes setup -

3) Ground splitting and breakage setup -

Cebas thanks Youssef Mahmoud for sharing his story with the cebas community and sharing his amazing studio works,  as well as giving encouragement to new users and students that TP logic is not insurmountable - you will get it with some smart thinking. 

You can find Squid Arts @  They do take in interns. 

Studio images courtesy of Squid Visual Arts: 

Squid Visual Arts studio entrance

Squid Arts studio staff

staff Squid Arts