New Talent from Belgrade, Marko Milasinovic (Mare) DigitalKraft gets ready for Luminous - the Nikola Tesla film


Cebas interviewed Marko Milasinovic of Digital Kraft Studio in belgrade. 

We talked about what is it like in Belgrade for a FX artist: how Marko self-taught himself 3dsMax and thinkingParticles. We also explored his career path from Photoshop artist (2D) to 3D animation and VR visual effects with Digital Kraft. Lookout for the CG treat : 'Alpha Flight' ( an iMax VR experience) by Digital Kraft Animation Post Production - Super 78 with v/fx by Marko Mare (* time stamp 6:50*). 
Most of all,  Marko took time to very kindly showed how he created the, 
* realistic 'forest fire' RnD (time: 28:17) * thinkingParticles setup for Borisa Simovic upcoming biopic film about the inner workings of a great man, Nikola Tesla. The film is tentatively titled, 'Luminous' ( see Marko's major career move now is to be able to wear the hat of FX Lead for the Tesla movie. Marko also explained how he did the 
* 'bird flocking' effects for a Bloomberg IB Director's Cut commercial FX @ 10:30 *
Viewers are invited to cebas Insights Interview with Borisa Simonovic and learn more about 'Luminous' as well as the film's producer-director-writer, Borisa Simovic, a well-known figure in the world of Serbian films. Borisa Simovic's short animated film in 2018 called 'Echo', won 8 awards including the Arpa International Film Festival 2018 as Best Animated Film (trailer: Borisa Simovic's Echo 2018 Animated Short. ). 
In this interview, Marko also touches on how much the bonus, free tutorial provided by Allan McKay  ( ) has further helped his FX self-development. Follow Marko's latest @ Marko M on Vimeo,

Accompanying this New Talent Interview, please follow the Cebas Luminous Insights Interview with Borisa Simovic
Cebas would like to specially thank Marko Milasinovic for this interview and for his recommendation of the Luminous film project, expected to start production in 2020 and to release in 2021. We wish both Director-Producer and FX Lead smooth and exciting sailing to the finish line.