Joe Gunn talks exclusively about the effects/ FX breakdowns at FuseFX (New York) with Edwin Braun.

Cebas finally managed to get a hold of Joe Gunn in this Exclusive Insights Interview Spotlight of the Month to kick off 2019.

Joe Gunn talks to Edwin Braun of cebas Visual Technology about the 3dsMax workflow and scenes with thinkingParticles. This includes television effects breakdowns from FuseFX including approved shots from 'Luke Cage', 'Iron Fist', 'The Punisher', 'The Tick', 'Sneaky Pete', 'The Get Down', 'Mr.Robot', 'Blacklist', '13 Reasons Why', 'Bull'. (Detail film credits, see bottom of page) 

Luke cage fist break

Joe starts off with a quick self-introduction about himself. Joe is the CG Supervisor/Head of 3D-New York at FuseFX and has worked as a CG/FX artist for more than twenty years now. FuseFX is based in Los Angeles with studios in New York and Vancouver. The studio has seen amazing growth especially in television series post productions. 
Make sure you view the interview in its entirety as Joe will bring you along to show and talk about some of his favorite FX breakdowns that his CG Department has been doing in these few years.
3:40 - Joe Gunn and Edwin Braun share information about the recent SIGGRAPH 2018, where Joe had given a presentation, the benefits of attending and how things have changed over the years. 
7:30 - Joe talks about his presentation at SIGGRAPH 2018 on 'fire' effects from the Marvel Television series and distributed by Netflix: Luke Cage season 2. Joe goes on to elaborate on the role thinkingParticles played in driving this effects with quick turnarounds. 
13:00 - talks about the number of shows in simultaneous post-production normally at FUSEFX, plus pilots season in spring. 
15:30 - how FUSEFX and Joe Gunn successfully manages such a heavy throughput of projects? What is the secret behind FUSEFX's success? 
Joe quote1
19:16 - Some great tips from Joe Gunn for young artists who wants to get into the FX career. Joe uses his own career as an example of how he entered the industry. The need to be a generalist first and even get your feet wet with things you may not like. And reducing the frictional volume at work when managing projects across several artists.
25:38 - Joe and Edwin dwells further into the FX for Luke Cage and how it is done purely in 3dsMax environment. 
27:01 - Luke Cage 3D DigiDouble and the famous season 2 opening: truck explosion and fire scene. Pulling it off in a full 3dsMax pipeline from fire, water, animation, glass breaking and lots of stuff done. 
29:03 - Edwin checks with Joe Gunn what are Joe's favourite TP operators that he and his team uses frequently in fx production: Joe talks about the Distance Operator; Flow Operator; ImplicitShape, the new Cache system; VolumeBreaker; ShapeNoise etc. He also touched on the workflow at FuseFX and quick reiterations that is possible with thinkingParticles.   
Joe quote2
33:13 -  Joe brings up the use of TP ShapeNoise in a Luke Cage scene breakdown - man punches and fragments wall. 
34:35 - EdwinBraun gives his feedback from cebas development POV of creating user-demand features in a way that the additional new operator integrates with many others to accentuate and multiply functionalities and this helped create less technical and more easy-to-use cool visual effects. Joe continues with how Blackboxes helps in doing quality effects and meeting deadlines.
37:04 - what was Joe's best best experience in FX. Down memory lane with Joe Gunn. 
39:37  - and Joe's worse experience. 
41:20 - what is Joe Gunn's wish for cebas thinkingParticles that it is not currrently doing for him. Joe selects caching dynamics as his wishlist and elaborate on version 6.   

Cebas would like to thank JoeGunn and FuseFX for this
 amazing interview and the breakdowns. 
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Luke cage punch wall


Luke cage bldg fire

Luke cage piranha eating head

Luke cage man on fire

Scenes (above) from Luke Cage Season 2


Luke cage fist break

Sneaky Pete

Scenes from The Punisher (above)


Scene from Mr. Robot

The Tick

 Scene from the Tick.


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Iron Fist (Netflix Original)
The Punisher 
ABC Studios
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Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Television
Walt Disney Television

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Anonymous Content
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Universal Cable Productions (in association with)

13 Reasons Why
July Moon Productions
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Paramount Television

Sneaky Pete
Shore Z Productions
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Exhibit A
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The Get Down
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