Joe Gunn talks exclusively about the effects/ FX breakdowns at FuseFX (New York) with Edwin Braun

Finally, cebas managed to get a hold of Joe Gunn for the cebas Insights Interview spotlight of the month to kick off 2019.

Joe Gunn is the CG Supervisor/Head of 3D-New York at FuseFX and has worked as a CG/FX artist for more than twenty years now. FuseFX home office is based in Los Angeles. The studio has seen amazing growth and is expanding both in New York and Vancouver. FuseFX does a lot of major television series. Make sure you view the interview in its entirety as Joe will bring you along to talk about some of his favorite CG/FX breakdowns that his CG Department has been doing in these few years.

Edwin started the interview asking Joe, 'Why New York for visual effects?' with some interesting comments from Joe on this. They also spoke about the most recent SIGGRAPH 2018 and the trends. Recall that Joe Gunn did a presentation at SIGGRAPH under the Autodesk-FuseFX banner about 'fire' effects.

Joe Gunn also gives some very helpful insights about how his department combines thinkingParticles, FumeFX etc in a purely 3dsMax production, including 3d models and destruction, as well as how the TP 6 Cache system has sped up work. You get to hear and see part of the LUKE CAGE 'truck explosion' FX and the famous 'punch-wrist snap' breakdowns that Joe had presented in the SIGGRAPH 2018 and the thinkingParticles operators that were most useful in making these fx scenes.

Other exclusive shots are from major tx series (especially Marvel Television) such as Iron Fist, The Punisher, The Get Down, Blacklist etc.(Distributed by Netflix, Amazon. ) 

Joe Gunn gave some insights as well on the setups used, such as thinkingParticles blackboxes to handle wind directions, fire, fluid effects, and how he is able to tailor the behavior of the effects in postproduction work between departments. Many awesome insights and words of production wisdom.

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