Tomasz Dyrdula Juice talks about some of his favorite commercial VFX 

2019 New Year Spotlight on Tomasz Dyrdula (Juice Poland) Interview from cebas Visual Technology Inc. on Vimeo.

Welcome to cebas first 2019 New Talent Interview with Tomasz Dyrdula.

Firstly, Tomasz Dyrdula and Juice studio from Poland is anything but new to the game. Juice and amazing crew have been winning Awards in Europe for their work in post production, VFX and animations. Juice main offices are centered in Wroclaw/Warsaw - Tokyo - London. 

Tomasz is like many highly skilled V/FX artist. He is used to working behind the scenes and so, we are very honored to spotlight him and have him represent Juice and give us a snapshot of some of his favorite commercials that use thinkingParticles. Theirs is a Max studio. Some of their work are as follows: we did not have time to cover everything however, you get the juice with Tomasz filling up on the CG making of the snowscape effects in the BBC trailer and definitely one of his favorites, the Toyota alien ship attack scenes. 

Audi A7 - Sportback - Run ( in the Juice showreel)

Toyota CH-R Crossover the World

BBC - Winter Olympic (Award Winner)

Chroma cinematic

Gaijin Entertainment - War Thunder: the battle is on

THU - The Tribe Returns & THU - Closing titles

History Channel - Vikings

...and more

Juice | Showreel 2017 from Juice on Vimeo.


Cebas would like to thank Tomasz Dyrdula and the Juice crew who were instrumental in bringing this interview to fruition. And we wish 2019 to be another VFX-TP projects abundant year for you guys. 

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