Joe Scarr, FX Supervisor - ScanlineVFX from LA to Vancouver to Montreal

In 2016, right after the release of Independence Day Resurgence, a huge effects movie by ScanlineVFX, cebas manage to get some time from Joe Scarr for an interview before he dissappeared for his half year long mountain retreat. Joe was with ScanlineVFX then. (August 2018, we hear wind that good old Joe is now back with ScanlineVFX for a new office expansion upcoming very soon!)  

With the return of this senior FX 'warrior', cebas caught up with him again this year (2018) to see where he is at and to talk about the important milestones in his life that made him a successful FX artist so, dive in with Joe and Edwin. 

Updates April 2019: 
Cebas: Joe, we know you have teamed up again with ScanlineVFX after a hiatus, and you now head the V/FX in ScanlineVFX latest expansion to Montreal. You have traveled around the North American major filmmaking cities! Could you tell the good, bad, neutral folks what's the latest developments for you in ScanlineVFX Montreal? 

Joe Scarr: Montreal is a beautiful and vibrant city and Scanline is growing a fantastic team of people in the new facility downtown near Place du Canada.  We are especially excited about the line-up of projects including "Game of Thrones", "Joker", "Gemini Man", "Midway" by Roland Emmerich, "Godzilla vs. King Kong" and "The Rescue", "Spiderman: Far From Home", "Terminator: Dark Fate", and "X-Men Dark Phoenix".

Very inspiring is the number of artists who apply with experience in 3dsMax, and when hired, how quickly they pick-up TP, Flowline and our other tools.  We are very happy with the caliber of people and their dedication to creating outstanding visual effects.

I myself am impressed at the speed and ability of new artists to create and deploy new TP systems into shots as well as jump in and run some existing large TP systems created by our FX Leads.  We are also very proud to see many of our Senior artists in Montreal helping train and get the new folks up to speed.  
Montreal was covered in snow and some cold temperatures around -20'C this Winter, but Spring is finally here and the long daylight and warmer weather sees an explosion of life in the city.  Even in Winter there are outdoor concerts full of people, so we are eagerly waiting to see the energy around town this Summer.
Last but not least, we continue to be impressed with Cebas' efforts to expand the capabilities with tP and fR and look forward to the release of all the exciting new features.


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