Andy Byrne tells Edwin Braun about the rollercoaster world of doing film effects and making it!

Spotlight on Andy Byrne - Cebas Insights Interview from cebas Visual Technology Inc. on Vimeo.

This is one of the best interviews yet by cebas Visual Technology! Interviewed by Edwin Braun, Andy Byrne tells all about his more than decade long experience in the easy rise and fall of the visual effects world and why he choose to go solo and work from home. 

Discover the FX projects Andy has done at 

Andy also talks to Edwin about the tools he used, why thinkingParticles is one of his top favourites and the operators that has made his fx days go easier on a Max pipeline. Do not miss completing this interview - cebas has showcase Andy's FX Reel at the end of the interview.  No spoilers in this text, you'd need to watch the interview yourself :)

Thank you Andy Byrne for this amazing Insights Interview !