Joel LeLievre talks candidly about and visual effects

 Joel LeLievre talks to Edwin Braun about and his Visual Effects work from cebas Visual Technology Inc. on Vimeo.


Joel LeLievre portrait

Joel started the FX studio at the time of Transformers 3, when he first used thinkingParticles to create the Chicago buildings destruction battle sequence. Buildings hit with missiles and the impact explosions, debris fallout, and dust scenes. Joel also worked on the popular Avatar and Tron movies. is the studio company that Joel LeLievre has run for the past 15 years in freelance visual effects work that has taken him to as far as Guatemala, once upon a time, for the movie Narnia. He continues to operate successfully from his Nova Scotia home office working on remote in sync with the less hectic lifestyle on the eastern shores of Canada. 

Edwin Braun of cebas took this opportunity to catch up with Joel in this revisit interview where he talked about some tips on getting a work visa to enter the US; touch base on how he came to be an avid thinkingParticles user, and why? What are some of the skills of a VFX generalist; some tips on what motivated Joel to do the popular Plexus 3D fx tutorial with thinkingParticles, and more.  And a showcase on some of Joel's work on music video, including a time lapse for the making of Kanye West Cruel Summer effects. So stay till the end of the video. 

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Thank you Joel LeLievre for giving cebas the opportunity to talk to you about your work and
we hope to see more of you in the future. Best of Luck to your upcoming projects.