Will Wallace Insightful Interview on integrating production pipelines for North America - China projects. Candid talk with Edwin Braun !



This is cebas third interview with one of our favourite thinkingParticles master of 'TheHouseFX', Will Wallace  -  Insights Interview. 

This time cebas covered lots of ground with Will Wallace on his new role as the VFX Supervisor, 
Darkhorse10, Vancouver and his involvement in setting up major production pipelines for managing intercontinetal projects.  

UPDATE April 2019 - Will Wallace is wearing two hats now - FX TD lead at Method Studios and BACK as TD at ScanlineVFX Vancouver! Welcome home, Will (not that you ever left). 

Edwin Braun also candidly 'talks about software and the vfx trade' with Will Wallace over this leisurely Sunday interview. Will sees himself as a small town kid-next-door making it big! Will has been very fortunate in his vfx journey from Hydraulx, Pixomondo ...  to one of Hollywood top production studio, ScanlineVFX.

They chatted on how Will got started in the world of CG and eventually moved to California and started a career in VFX, and eventually got transfered to Vancouver, the world's capital for movie production - and of course, how he got into thinkingParticles (after Will watched this famous car paint peeling commercial that was done with TP some years back)....

Don't miss the part where Will talked about how intense it can be and the number of VFX artists that had to be engaged in a major Hollywood productions like Independence Day Resurgence. The deadline crunch and overnight work. 

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