Allan McKay exclusive!  Insights with Edwin Braun about VFX training and hiring processes in the industry
3ds Max tutorials and Maya tutorials for dynamics and destruction. Thinking Particles, Fumefx, Houdini DOPs, Particle flow, fracturefx, krakatoa and Vray.  

Exclusive Insights Interview with Allan McKay, VFX supervisor and mentor extraordinaire,
by Edwin Braun, Co-founder, CEO of cebas Visual Technology.

0:25 ...Allan tells about himself and his vfx work
2:00 ...moving to LA from Australia and now in Portland, working via home office.
3:29 ...Allan about working virtually and the companies he's with.
5:34 ...Call of Duty game fx
6:22 ... building vfx pipeline tools and fx assets

7:09 ... and visual effects training offered - why Allan loves to mentor trainees? ** Allan dedicated an entire work off production to develop amazing vfx training programs you can get nowhere else.

10:13 ... Allan McKay's Student Reel 2017 (LIVE ACTION SERIES training) ; the importance of peer review in his mentorship and teamwork. There is the exclusive Members area.
13:08 ... Edwin's take about Allan's amazing method of training VFX artists that is very practical and industry-focused.
14:40 ... sharing resources and building skills and not holding on to the 'one thing'.

15:49 ... Allan and Edwin talks about vfx career and the companies hiring processes.
17:15 ... an experience Allan had with Blizzard.
17:30 ... sharing information wisely and building your brand.
17:49 ... the shift in the vfx industries in the last couple of years away from LA and outsourcing going global to India and UK, and Vancouver.
18:19 ... Vancouver is now the film capital of the world.

18:29 .. Allan feels that the vfx / 3D industries has grown with global sourcing and more job potentials.
19:02 ... the issue of over-saturation in the job market and entry is very competitive, especially in well-known companies...trying for the smaller companies to build skills first, and good networking skills.

19:45 ... who can train with Allan McKay - prerequisites?
Allan talks about his wide range of signups that he has had, from trainees with zero experience to professionals from the industry.

22:08 ... VFX is hard work! drop outs and dedication.
22:39 ... how a FuseFX staff successfully completed Allan's training despite tight work schedules.
23:11 ... Edwin on one of Allan's thinkingParticles training on skyscraper's training destruction involving huge and complex setups and amazed that how Allan achieved this for his students.
24:46 ... Edwin on TP learning curve and the fact that TP as a vfx tool achieves production work that even amazes cebas as developers, so it is the creativity and ingenuity of the artist that combines with the power of TP.

25:12 ... Allan on 3ds Max and vfx software.
26:50 ... the perennial question asked by beginners : Max or Maya for VFX? Allan's take.

36:06 ... Allan McKay's training and the industry-standard software tools covered. Access to tools via Allan's courses. Scripting / coding is covered in some of the courses.

38:29 ... Allan talks about his latest offering the 'Live Action Series' and TP : invested like half a million of his own money in developing this course, including shooting with filming gear. Covers all key tools used in production from start to finish.

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40:40 ... Live Action Series (LAS) Student Reel 2017. Students get to build an actual portfolio with the courses. Original ground and aerial shoot and models.

41:18 ... Guardians of the Galaxy matte painter will be giving a talk.
41:28 ... VFX supervisor from Digital Domain helping on set for the shoot.
41: 42 ... Red Epic Dragon and Red Helium Weapon cameraz that Allan will be using for the LAS (see Access to plates and assets for the LAS VFX training, covers texturing and rendering.

43:23 .. Allan McKay's new project (TP included) ... ! Allan on Paris MasterClass.

44:24 ... More about Allan's new Live Action training website **** and an online free tool that allows visitors to put in what city they are in, what level of experience, discipline, etc and gauge how much they can charge for their services - filling a gap in the vfx market.

47: 09 ... tackling vfx projects and deliverables with directors - how to avoid pitfalls..freelance rates and protecting urself?
48:32 ... Edwin talks about TP procedural s/w and multiple variation fast and easy for director's pick. TP enables simple redialing of values and rerendering.
49: 47 ... Allan's approach with the director on vfx versions/
51:31 ... Allan on TP's powerful PSelect in complete control
56: 19 ... take care of your vfx career!

** For those wanting to train, email for a cebas special offer on the thinkingParticles educational license.

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