BottleshipVFX latest 2019 FX Reel - Exclusive beakdowns !

EXCLUSIVE Hunter Killer 2018 thinkingParticles FX breakdown!


This month's spotlight is on Hristo Velev, Co-Founder and FX Management, BottleshipVFX. 

Insights Interviewed by Edwin Braun. His 2nd interview by cebas Visual Technology.

Hristo brings us on an interesting memory lane trip to his learning days in Sofia, Bulgaria; how he got into computer science and CG training. He first started with Particle Flow before arriving to thinkingParticles and more complex effects. Much of self-motivated learning like many pioneers of his generation in terms of CG and visual effects. 

Travelling being very much the flow of an VFX enthusiasts! Hristo gives an interesting account of his first big break from Pixomondo - the class of the 2012 movie - which started it all, those large-scale, incredible visual effects scenes, now the staple diet of action, fantasy and sci fi movies. From Sofia to Berlin, and to Vancouver ScanlineVFX, which helped groomed him to chart his V/FX career path and start his own V/FX studio: BottleshipVFX. 

And right from the outset, we learned from Hristo that for any V/FX enthusiasts to succeed, besides perfecting the art of visual effects, there is the aptitude for much problem-solving (fortunately, he is trained in computer science! that did help).  

Hristo goes on to cover many interesting aspects of production work in the industry - things that will benefit those who want to work in a studio environment - and talks about some of his newest project: Hunter Killer and Air Strike, FX with thinkingParticles. 

Please note that the interview had to be delayed for approval of breakdown release so some of the stuff Hristo and Edwin referred to have already been released. For example, Hristo touched on the cebas Live webinar he was going to present, which was conducted in October. See Hopefully, cebas can convince Hristo to do more live action training and to show the community more TP breakdown, as it is such a process to get production's approval.

You can connect with Hristo Velev @

Thank you Hristo Velev and BottleshipVFX team for the superb Hunter Killer V/FX breakdown and this interview.