Rui Romano talks about his young bravo Lisbon-based Studio,, and thinkingParticles in commercial VFX 

Rui has many thankful new users with his engaging thinkingParticles Tutorials - Rui Romano created a set of tutorials based on actual thinkingParticles commercial production effects that his studio, GlimpseVFX, has been doing since 2016.

Rui Romano started his own vfx studio after being in the v/fx industry for more than 20 years, previously with Ingreme, Lisbon. You can follow Rui's studio @ and email him @

'Glimpse VFX is a new Visual Effects & Digital Animation Studio based in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded by artists in 2017 with the vision to become one of the best suppliers of VFX and Digital 3d Animation. Despite it´s youth, Glimpse counts with a highly specialized and experienced team in the field of CGI image development, and among our partners and operatives we have over three decades worth of industry know-how, ranging from commercial work to Hollywood blockbuster productions. As an integrated collective of 3d artists and storytellers, we truly believe in that special alchemy that only happens when working together toward a common purpose. That’s why we think Global and work Global!'

In this Insights Interview, Edwin Braun chats to Rui on how he started his vfx career and what are some of his best v/fx shots - Rui Romano shows viewers some of his recent works from GlimpseVFX - commercials for Lisbon. Cebas had a previous interview as well with Rui, see

Here is what one of his junior colleague says about Rui, the FX artist and the mentor:
"Rui Romano is a great artist and also an excellent Supervisor. ....He can criticize your work when he sees something to be improve but he's also the first to praise it when he loves the work you did.He gives a great balance to the company always trying to keep a good environment between artist and management, avoiding toxic culture."

Great guy! Cebas is very happy to have you around and we all are looking forward to more great commercial and film fx from GlimpseVFX with thinkingParticles! You can also reach Rui @


Cebas says a huge thank you! to Rui Romano for this revisit interview and his
amazing creative commercial productions with thinking particles.
 Make sure you folks keep tab of the Live webinar that Rui will be doing
some time in 2019.   



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