Young Russian artist, Max Rudakov, self-taught thinkingParticles and his hope to setup a VFX team





Welcoming Max to our cebas New Talent spotlight.

Russia is less well-known for VFX but there are quite a few of hardworking and talented artists there, like Max. Without much opportunities to train or do effects, he learned it all by himself. In this New Talent Interview, Cedar Thokme talks to Max Rudakov about his work with thinkingParticles. The focus is to showcase the Tech Reel that Max is creating WIP and he has given some really good, practical tips for those new to TP, on how he used some of the operators / helpers in the tech reel.

Max has also kindly agreed to create an in-depth tutorial on how to make a 'mandelbrot' design with TP. Access the Max Rudakov Mandelbrot TP tutorial.  Follow and

Thanks Max Rudakov for all the after work efforts! Keep on exploring the power of thinkingParticles. Have fun.