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    finalRender -one full year subscription license. Provides access to the very latest major finalRender version and all updates. Does not extend automatically - renew yearly as needed.

    This License allows you to use all the CPU cores installed on your system. Up to 2 CUDA GPU Cards can be used in addition to the CPU cores for Rendering.
    Subscription US$ 294.00
    US$ 24.5 per Month
    What Is Subscription?

    cebas Visual Technology Inc. Subscription (Licensing model)

    cebas has launched a new subscription model that replaces the old upgrade model. The subscription model, similar to a license model, will give both existing users and new users immediate and secured access to current and future features upgrade for thinkingParticles with lesser wait-time and long-term cost-saving.

    How users will benefit from the new model.

    Product services / Features

    Old Upgrade Model

    New Subscription-based Model

    Technical Support

    yes (Installation/Licensing)

    yes (Installation/Licensing)

    Cost saving



    Full License Cost

    US$ 799

    US$ 24.5/month (with one full year Subscription payment)

    Upgrade cost

    US$ 294.00 for a Major Release

    None! Included in Subscription payment


    Each Major Release could easily take up to 2 Years to show up

    Instant enhancements and new features alert


    Users had to buy the next version

    Users are automatically upgraded

    New 3ds Max Versions

    Recompilations for older builds may not be available

    New 3ds Max versions are included

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What happens if my subscription ends ?

    Subscriptions are renewed on a yearly basis at US$ 294.00 per year. If you choose not to renew your subscription, you would not be able to access your plug-in and future developments. You may renew subscription at a later date and this is entirely up to you.

    Q: Why did cebas modify the licensing method?

    The new subscription model is more efficient in delivering upgrades and enhancement to users and allows cebas developers to refine and customized features to industry needs with instant availability.

    Q: Do you offer auto-renewal ?

    Not really as cebas will not be storing any of users’ private information such as your credit card or banking details. At the end of a subscription year, users will be reminded via email and users have to re-subscribed at members login and do the renewal once-per-year.

    Q: What happens if I drop out of Subscription but later decide to go back on ?

    If you decide not to renew your subscription, the thinkingParticles license will expire after one year and you will not be able to use the product anymore. Licenses are paid and renewed on a yearly basis and there will be no charge backs or refunds if you decide to terminate the subscription before the year is over. A trial copy is available for new users to test before subscription.

    Q: I’m a new user, do I have to pay subscription or is there something else?

    New users come in on the subscription model at US$ 294.00 per year. There are no other hidden costs besides the subscription fee.

    Q: Why do I have to pay a full year subscription and not monthly?

    cebas best practice works similar to many of the other software offered in the market. We can only provide long-term cost savings to our valued users on a yearly subscription where users recognize cebas’ leading edge technology and unique features and intend to work with it on major projects and/or longer term projects.  

    Q: How do Upgrades work, if I am already using thinkingParticles 5 ?

    Existing owners of a previous version of thinkingParticles pay the same affordable price for a yearly subscription and will enjoy the same, immediate benefit of constant upgrades and enhancements that are only offered via the subscription model.

    Q: What about plugin-support for older versions of 3ds Max ? How does this work ?

    cebas’ subscription model is aimed at increasing the speed of availability to users and enhancing the output of new features as well as the quality of existing features of thinkingParticles. Usually, cebas supports up to 3 versions of 3ds Max beginning from the latest release of Autodesk 3ds Max (example: 3ds Max 2015, 2014,2013).

    However, it is the user’s responsibility to backup files and maintain them. New developments and bug fixes will be introduced to the latest 3 versions of 3ds Max only.

    Q: Does thinkingParticles now work in the cloud ? (No, it does not.)

    cebas’ your plug-in will work exactly the same like it did before. It is a standard 3ds Max application (plug-in) that runs on your own personal computer.

  • Description
    finalRender Unlimited Network -one full year subscription license
    This license extends an existing finalRender License to allow an unlimited amount of network rendering machines to be used. This is a yearly subscription.

    Important:You must own at least one finalRender Workstation License to order this product.
  • Description
    finalRender Unlimited GPU -one full year subscription license
    This license extends an existing finalRender Workstation License to allow for the use of an unlimited amount of CUDA GPU cards in/or attached to one workstation.

    Important:You must own at least one finalRender Workstation License to order this product.