relaunched New Website with finalRender Materials for Free Download, fondly known as ' MrM', has relaunched with a new website! The Materials Repository is created and sponsored by

It is now all upgraded and set up with a variety of material MatLabs and textures. The Matlabs come with default scenes ready to use with different software platforms and rendering engines. Users must register first and you can freely download materials and textures or download the MatLabs and set up materials in an unbiased neutral scene with a consistent preview system. Included are textures to create your own materials, re-upload and share with the growing community. Registration is free.

The purpose of MrM is to provide a shared repository where community of artists can freely download, and upload / share materials for their work and RnD. MrM's target audience / users are CG artists of all trades, especially architectural visualization, interior designers and automotive illustrators.

The material files and their assets are presently available are finalRender/3dsMax, Mentalray/Max/Maya and XSI, with accompanying shaders and textures as well as standalone texture sets. We are pleased to announce that many of the Mentalray materials have now been converted for use with finalRender trueHybrid TM at

MrMaterials will continue to source for professional/commercial grade texture/material for sharing in MrM repository. MrM is a subsidiary of 3DAllusions LLC and is privately funded at no cost to its users, user members are encouraged to support the endeavour by uploading to MrM useful and trendy materials that they wish to share. new website launched with Max-finalRender materials #2 from cebas Visual Technology Inc. on Vimeo.


And cebas Visual Technology will be offering a limited time 15% rebate for Mentalray and other users to step up and make a purchase of finalRender trueHybrid TM, the spectral-wavelength-adaptive-sampling renderer of the future! Offer ends September 30th, 2018




The current repository includes hard surfaces, cloth / soft surfaces and transparent surfaces. finalRender is MrM's latest addition with a medley of ready-to-use materials. Available for free download (and upload for community sharing) comprising of 20 categories,


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Sample : metal materials

MrM is work-in-progress as we will be uploading more and more Max and Maya friendly matlabs / textures as they come. MrMaterial's Max/finalRender alone will have at least 400 new materials uploaded by year's end. is created by Russell Thomas 'The Allusionist', founder of (3D Allusions LLC) , a successful architectural visualization/rendering studio  called 3DAStudio stationed in Yakima, Washington area. He worked for 15 years in the field of architecture, before leaving to setup his own project visualizing studio.


For more information about, please contact RUSSELL L THOMAS  ( )

For more information about finalRender trueHybrid TM, please contact Edwin Braun , ( ) CEO and Founder, cebas Visual Technology. 

You can get Playlist tutorials about finalRender at - Search keyword 'finalRender'.