finalRender Service Pack 1 Available Now


November 2, Victoria, BC: The finalRender Service Pack 1 is out today. SP1 delivers many enhancements and bug fixes that have been isolated and fixed since the first release of finalRender. Service Pack 1 is Version: of finalRender. Please note that those on the trial version can also download the update instantly. 

More Speed!
SP1 brings an overall increase of render speed in many situations. Users have seen rendering speedups of up to 20% on the same scenes, when compared to the release version of finalRender. This speedup is more noticeable in trueHybrid™ mode, however, it will also show speedups in pure GPU or pure CPU mode.

More 2018 Intergration
Service Pack1 brings a deeper integration and higher stability to 3ds Max 2018 users. finalRender's scene convertor now works seamlessly in 3ds Max 2018.

Real time Rendering has a new Name: ActiveShade just got better
Service Pack 1 brings greater in-depth integration to 3ds Max. FinalRender Scatter objects updates in real time, simultaneously while ActiveShade is active and rendering. VR and Stereoscopic Cameras update in ActiveShade as well - all interactively.



Find below a list of some of the fixes incorporated to finalRender SP1

+ crashes with AS and fR scatter fixed
+ proxies not working in AS, fixed
+ fisheye camera not working, fixed
+ fixes and enhancements in the rayswitch texture
+ night is really dark now (daylight system), fixed
+ fixed some issues with stereoscopic rendering
+ spherical/fisheye camera not working in AS, fixed
+ improved rendering when many lights are used
+ crash with proxies and embree kernel, fixed
+ abort rendering with embree improved
+ sampling speedup
+ ray cutoff caused energy loss, fixed
+ improved CPU kernel
+ improvements to the GPU kernel
+ Issues with latest i9 Intel processors, fixed
+ New enhanced Embree 2.17 library
+ single side face problem fixed when object has negative scaling
+ VFB fix for exposure settings with animations
+ scene converter fix for 3ds Max 2018

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