Mihai Pandelescu sweet memories from his dear old Bunic and Bunica's farm re-created with finalRender

Mihai Pandelescu grew up in the unspoilt medieval city of Craiova, Dolj in Romania where art-lovers find inspiration from ancient edifices such as the Constantin Mihail Palace ( Art Museum) and the Baniei House (Ethnography and Folk Art Museum), and the many arches, wide walk cobblestone paths and picturesque gardens. It is no wonder that Mihai grew up to love art forms.

Growing up in a new era, the young man was free of the constraints of antiquity and soon found his calling in modern 3D art. Cebas has managed to coax Mihai to do a few exclusive artworks with finalRender. I am sure you remember his and Ovidiu Enache's realistic 3D model of 'Gandalf' shared on facebook. 

Mihai's latest, 'Honey & Nuts' is shown here. 

Those who have been introduced to this Romanian's 3D art skills, may also know his work: 
'  Time Journey '  ( see http://pandelescu.com/)  which was featured in the 2012, 3D Magazine.  Cebas and Mihai goes back a long way, as you can see. In the 2012 'Time Journey' the artist recreates a dream-like visit of his own time and space where he grew up in the farm of his grandparents, outside of town, not too far from the city of Craiova: through the eyes of his childhood revisiting his old radio, seeing the balcony of his old home, the water tank, steps, backyard and the desk that he use to work on, and that made him who he is today ...Mihai brings the bitter-sweet memories one-by-one into frame, painstakingly model and rendered.

Mihai told cebas that he lived in the countryside till he was five, and by six he was a full-fledged Romanian city boy all ready for school. But he remembered fondly his Bunic (grandpa) and Bunica (grandma) countryside where they had a big garden of fruits and flowers, needless to say a hobbyist bee farm. Hence, this making of .. 'Honey & Nuts' brings back fond memories for him.




For creating the bee wax, Mihai found finalRender's Sub-Surface Scatter a most useful feature. He used the fr-dirt-texture map and that gave a lighter harsh effect on the edges of the bee wax as normally is. 

Says Mihai, "for the honey, if you want to get that raw texture for it, you can try maximum distance value for Refractions (Advanced Rendering Options), it will give you a foggy look when the lights hits it!  It's superbly fun to see something CG come out so real before your screen! " 

The finalRender Sun feature and the fr-Square light (assigned to the room window) created extra lights in the room and again rendered beautifully. What Mihai did, was simply to treat finalRender as if he was taking a camera shot and adjusting the exposure. He created the idea of sun light rays going through some leaves, and that gave the ambience he wanted:  the pleasant atmosphere he knew from his Bunica's kitchen and home, with nature's lights and shadows playing in the room. 

Mihai also found that ActiveShade mode in fr was important while setting the material and helped him save time. 

As Mihai says it himself, " finalRender is so fast with the GPU that it made no sense for me to even use the CPU, only if you have a video card that is less CUDA, then rendering in both GPU and CPU works without a hassle as well, finalRender is a true hybrid indeed!"  Cebas is always happy to be of service when it comes to CG art.  

Cebas will be publishing Mihai Pandelescu's New Talent Interview with an exclusive mini tutorial on finalRender soon. Check in again and join Mihai Pandelescu journey with finalRender.  http://www.cebas.com/finalRender