thinkingParticles Active Subscribers has just received an early X'mas Gift from cebas! 



Is it Christmas already ?
Yes, cebas Visual Technology is bringing you Christmas in October!

Every active thinkingParticles subscriber has just received a secret present in their web account!
A one year finalRender (including finalToon) subscription has been automatically added to your account. This represents a value of US$ 295 totally free for the first year.

No conditions - it is a gift to you. There is nothing you need to do, if you want to explore and use it, go ahead and install through product manager. If you do not want to use it now, try it later, within the year! The license will run out next year around this time. It will not be automatically renewed so if you like what you see - go ahead renew on your own terms
and time.

I hope you enjoy our early Christmas present.

p.s. Don't miss the recording of Edwin's fR Live facebook presentation and Q&A. 
See it here. 

Best Wishes,
Edwin Braun
CEO and Co-founder
cebas Visual Technology