Victoria, BC - Dec 19, 2016

cebas Visual Technology Inc. announces the immediate availability of psd-manager 4.0 - the multi-layer PSD exporter for Autodesk 3ds Max. The update provides new features and support for 3ds Max 2017.

New Features:

  • Adjustment layers for a non-destructive workflow
    • Save 3ds max Gamma correction as precise Photoshop Adjustment Layer in the PSD file
      • Precisely matches 3ds max Gamma correction
      • Allows to correctly compose render elements in linear space within 8/16 bit PSD files

    • Save V-Ray color corrections as Adjustment Layer (embedded LUT)
      • Start tonal adjustments in the V-Ray framebuffer, then improve or revert as needed within Photoshop
  • Improved Render Elements Output:
    • New Auto-Sort mode keeps layers organized continuously
    • Render elements can now be encloed into a global layer group
    • Per render element control over Gamma correction and V-Ray color corrections
    • Updated built-in presets for over 200 render element types
  • Named Selection Sets Output:
    • 3ds max Named Selection sets can now be used for quick and easy creation of masks
    • User friendly, since no IDs need to be assigned to create masks for arbitrary groups of objects
    • Masks can be exported as layers (Alpha Matte, Luminance Matte, Render Cut-out) or channels
  • Corona Renderer Support:
    • psd-manager now supports Corona (Rendered Image Output and Render Elements Output)
    • Built-in presets apply correct blending mode, layer visibility, layer order etc. for all Corona render elements
    • Auto-sort mode ensures Framestamp, Beauty, Bloom & Glare are on top of the stack and all Masking and Light Select elements stay among their own kind
    • Automatic Corona CMasking_Mask render element splitting & naming

  • V-Ray specific improvements
    • Optimized workflow for V-Ray Denoiser
      • Denoiser elements are automatically arranged on top of other layers
      • Gamma correction is applied to Denosier layer but not to elements that need to stay in linear space for back-to-beauty compositing
      • Optionally exclude render channels generated by V-Ray Denoiser from export
    • Export V-Ray color corrections as Color Lookup Adjustment Layer (LUT based)
    • New built-in presets for V-Ray Render Elements (Denoiser, NoiseLevel, MtlReflectIOR, OptionRE )
    • V-Ray color corrections are automatically applied to specific render elements only (RGB, Denoiser, ObjectSelect, MtlSelect)
    • V-Ray color corrections can be enabled per render element
    • VRayMtlSelect and VRayObjectSelect elements now use layer transparency by default
  • PSB Format support (Photoshop Large Document Format):
    • Creation of Photoshop documents over 2 gigabytes in file size or 30000 pixels in resolution is now supported
    • Automatic switching to PSB format when the limits of the PSD format are exceeded (no re-rendering required)
  • Improved Scene Layers Output:
    • List of scene layers is now shown as a hierarchy, sorted and resizable
    • Scene layers appear in order of the flattened hierarchy in the PSD file.
    • Empty layers are filtered out even when objects are just obscured or outside the field of view
  • Other new Features and Changes:
    • 3ds max 2017 support
    • Custom dithering algorithm to avoid noticeable patterns of standard 3ds max dithering
    • Option to show or hide all masking layers
    • Support for ART Renderer render elements export (added workaround for ART bug)
    • Simplified deployment and updates using Cebas Product Manager

Free Trial Download

A free trial version of psd-manager 4.0 for 3ds Max can now be downloaded from the psd-manager website. A free After Effects plug-in providing 3D -camera and point helper animation transfer from 3ds Max to After Effects is also included.

More Information

Please visit the psd-manager 4 website to learn more about the advanced multi-layer PSD exporter for 3ds Max.

Pricing & Availability

psd-manager 4.0 is now available at the cebas shop starting from 5$/5€ a month (one year license). Licensing options now include both perpetual (Full 159$ / Upgrade 79$) and rental licenses. Prices may vary depending on the region you are located in. All purchases of psd-manager 3 made in 2016 will be upgraded to psd-manager 4 at no charge. The free upgrade can be ordered until end of March 2017 using this email form. Please contact if you have any questions.


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