finalToon 4.0 releases today!

- Sharper focus NPR rendering for artists who prefers creative line styles in their illustrations and technical drawings.

Victoria, BC, October 11, 2016 - cebas Visual Technology Inc. releases today the much-awaited finalToon 4.0. This latest version will be twice as fast compared to the 3.5 and finalToon 4 supports all 100% SDK-compatible renders for 3ds Max 2017.

“This will be a major update for finalToon that is much anticipated. In this release, Cebas development team focused hard on creating a plugin tool that will be the darling of any artist or technical illustrator who wants to present a unique style,” says Edwin Braun, Co-founder and CEO of Cebas Visual Technology.

FinalToon 4.0 will have full motion blur support with cebas finalRender and moskitoRender. Major enhancements include:  

  • Multipass Motion Blur support for Scanline renderers and other SDK compatible renderers.
  • Enhanced Texture Map Support for Line Style Effects.
  • Extended Line Styles are now in true world unit measures.
  • Enhanced Multi Threading Support through automatic Split Mesh Feature.
  • Orthogonal Viewports with Standard Cameras are now fully supported.
  • Camera Clipping Fully Supported.
  • Enhanced Procedural Hatching Features for better Light/Shadow control.
  • Enhanced Bitmap Hatching better light/shadow control.

Everything on the old release 3.5 is inclusive.

With the newly enhanced release, finalToon will also step into the world of Subscription.
To learn more about the benfits of Subscription download the Subscription FAQ. 

Get started finalToon 4.0 quick tutorials are now on at
Check them out and Subscribe to stay informed. 

FinalToon will be available at $150 annual subscription ( $12.50 per month) as a standalone. See finalToon product information and it will also continue to be available to users of a future finalRender 4 GPU release as a bundle all inclusive.

FinalToon Compatible Renderers : 
- Scanline Renderer
- finalRender
- moskitoRender
- Vray (CPU)

FinalToon Incompatible Renderers
- iray
- mentalRay
- ART Renderer
- fStorm

Cebas aims to deliver better and more enhanced products to fit the needs of the visual effects on a broad scope, and more importantly directly to our users. 

Background information:

Cebas Visual Technology Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The company offers a broad range of proprietary production solutions for VFX studios and visualization design companies, including GPU rendering software for handling large graphic data.

Cebas software developers work in tandem with the user communities to develop market leading VFX codes and rendering capabilities that are at once unique and problem-solving. Cebas highly values both our corporate users and independent users and is potentially open to consultations. We have successfully work in conjunction with major motion pictures, architectural visualization firms, commercial designers, game cinematic agencies and other visual industries to develop unique features for their target audiences.

Besides, becoming increasingly used in architectural and product visualizations, cebas software is also progressively being used in medical animations for training and marketing.

Media contact:

Cedar Thokme
Social Media / Office Coordinator  
Cebas Visual Technology Inc