Shanghai's launches China first online thinkingParticles workshops 


September 28, Victoria BC -- Cebas is most happy to announce that the Moshi online TV community in Shanghai, China founded by Mr. Hu Lizhi has decided to start the first web-based tutorials on 3dsMax - thinkingParticles. 

Jacys Lin, originally from ScanlineVFX, and currently with Weta Digital will be offering the first beginner videos on Moshi TV for free and the intermediate/advanced stages on a fee-based. 

Mr. Hu Lizhi mentioned in a Skype meeting with Edwin Braun, that Max-TP is new to the many VFX artists in China, but it being a leading edge procedural software will generate increasing interest amongst their many technical artists looking for greater specialization and software tools. His hope is to eventually build a more in-depth and well-structured program available easily online. 

"This is an amazing opportunity for first time as well as seasoned artists to start training with Moshi at a very affordable rate, with Cebas offering them full educational licenses," says Edwin, Co-founder and CEO of Cebas.

"We are also hopeful that proper authorized training will preclude use of pirated software which has a lot of bugs and improperly functioning issues, and help the artists in China get some real visual effects skills," Edwin continued.

Students from the Chinese speaking zones can connect with for more information. 


9月28日 BC省 维多利亚 - CEBAS 非常高兴地宣布中国上海的魔视教育 在线由胡立志先生创立的网上电视台 已经开始了 3dsMax及思维粒子(thinkingParticles)第一个网上教程系列。
Jacys Lin 林振宇是魔视首推的 TP 讲师林先生最初是从ScanlineVFX开始了特效生涯,目前与Weta Digital。 Jacys 提供了免费的初学者视频。中级/高级阶段将于基础收费。
胡立志先生与Edwin Braun在一次的Skype会议上提到 Max-TP在中国内比较新鲜,当时还没有大规模教课与学者,但它是一个领先的特效软件将来会产生更多工艺师对于如何利用TP达到更专业的细腻效果产生兴趣。胡立志先生希望建立更深入和结构良好的程, 在网上很容易让大体的培训者个人的时间空格登记学习。
"这是新艺术家和高级工艺师一大好机会,以非常实惠的价格开始训练, Cebas提供完整的教育许可证,“ Edwin Braun, Cebas 联合创始人兼 首席执行 说。
“我们也希望适当授权培训会妨碍使用里面有很多错误和不当运作问题的盗版软件,并帮助中国艺术家得到一些真实的视觉效果的技能,” Edwin Braun
华文学生可以连接 以获取更多信息。