New Service Pack 1 for thinkingParticles 6.4
Hot fixes and additional new features

Cebas Visual Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its Service Pack 1 for thinkingParticles 6.0 Drop 4 for 3ds Max 2015 to 2017. ThinkingParticles 6 Drop 4 Service Pack 1 offers users more stability and improved interoperability with 3ds Max.

Additional Features in thinkingParticles 6. 4 SP 1


In Drop 4, Cebas offered the new feature, ‘ReachedHold’.
With this SP 1 hot fix, |ReachedHold| will act as a new output staying active after reaching the event. This is in contrast to the previous |Reached| output that fires only once.


Now you can combine two particle shapes into one like a breeze ! The enhanced SnapShot operator will support a two pronged ‘Particle A’ and ‘particle B’ input which then allows a combined individual particle shaped into one. Two particles become one particle with only one mesh.


The Object Helper operator adds a new Particle A and Particle B to evaluate or process pairs of particles in an object list to allow for a GeomContact AB test.

 Bugfixes in in Drop 4 SP 1

  •  Intersect operator could fail on possible self-intersections, this has been improved for many situations.
  •  The auto-backup feature of 3ds Max was interfering with the student edition "save" dialog. Now, this dialog will only show one time per max session.
  •  Alembic Export Material ID Fix when using Per Object per Particle.
  •  StdEmitter, random positions stop after 4000 points this has been fixed.
  •  VolumeBreaker, when you used more cells as set in max chunks the fragmentation was not done at all; this is fixed now.

How to Get Service Pack 1

Current users use their cebas Product Manager tool to stay updated with their application. The latest Service Pack will automatically show up in cebas Product Manager under the Update or 'Updates Only' option.

Customers not currently registered on, or having problems downloading SP 1 can use the contact menu located on the homepage to drop us a line and provide all relevant information including serial number(s). We are always glad to be of service! 


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