June 11, 2015 - cebas Visual Technology news release.
Now available to all moskitoRender Subscribers:

moskitoRender Subscription Drop 2
      finally removes Texture Limit from GPU Rendering.


Designers including Architectural Visualizers will be thrilled to know that cebas Visual Technology’s latest Subscription Drop 2 for moskitoRender will expand the power of your render texture beyond the 64 maximum. moskitoRender is currently cebas’ first and only GPU realtime rendering system.

moskitoRender Subscription Drop 2 is also build to match whatever generation of hardware (GPU) you now have and update accordingly, saving both time and money.

A dedicated Match GPU-Kernel approach

Edwin Braun, CEO and Co-founder of cebas Visual Technology, has this to say on the new Release moskitoRender 1.2, 

“ moskitoRender Subscription Drop 2 is the next free-extension available to our valued Subscription customers, offering our dedicated Match GPU-Kernel Technology. Many GPU rendering solutions on the market offer a ‘one solution fits all’ approach. cebas Visual Technology, however is offering a GPU rendering solution that perfectly matches your hardware setup even if it is a mixed GPU generation setup. In other words, we make it work for your hardware.” 

Choosing a Match-GPU-Kernel Technology is a breeze !

cebas Product Manager Version 3.0.24 , automatically installs the optimal GPU-Kernel combination for the existing hardware; all based on simply selecting from a list of options on the Product Manager.

This offers the following benefits:

  • * No more memory overhead. *
  • No more least denominator choices on features and functions.
  • moskitoRender Subscribers can rest assured that they get the hardware supported to the maximum extent allowed by the latest GPU technology.

More on the Technology side: Match-GPU-Kernel

This latest release of moskitoRender 1.2 offers, for example, a Kepler-Maxwell Kernel option. By combining those GPU Hardware options- and only those two - cebas Visual Technology is able to completely remove any texture restrictions that existed in older generations of NVIDIA GPU hardware.

Offering a ‘one solution fits all’ no longer serve as the best option for GPU renderers, because software developers could only support the least common denominator in a platform and this would be a limit, for example, of 64 textures.




moskitoRender Subscription Drop 2 offers multiple installations exactly matching your Autodesk 3ds Max and GPU setup that may exist. By simply selecting the GPU hardware from cebas Product Manager 3.0.24 before you upgrade, the correct most optimized software installation will be automatically chosen for you

Matching GPU Kernels 

The following GPU hardware generations can be used with the latest version of moskitoRender 1.2.


(Courtesy of nvidianews.nvidia.com)



How to Get the 2015 cebas Subscription Drop

Plugin updates for 3ds Max are available from the cebas Product Manager; check yours for a FREE download!

**New User?

Please take a few minutes to read the below sections to learn more about cebas Product Manager and how to get it.


What is cebas Product Manager

It is a broad instrument that will help customers manage their plug-ins in more than one way. Whether it’s a service pack update, a newly purchased product installation, an upgrade of a product version, a trial version installation or even license management – this monstrous vehicle is a major time saver that allows users to do it all efficiently and seamlessly.

Now, in Version 3.0.24 users are able to chose their Installed NVIDIA GPU Hardware.

How to Get cebas Product Manager

Current users can log into my.cebas.com and obtain the Product Manager from their “View Product Registrations” account menu.

Registered moskitoRender users will automatically see all available download options.

Customers not currently registered on www.cebas.com or having problems downloading the cebas Product Manager, can use the contact menu located on the homepage to drop us a line and provide all relevant information including serial number(s)… we are always glad to be of service!  


All inquiries, feel free to connect with,
Cedar Thokme (Ms.)
Office/Social Media Coordinator