3ds Max 2025 Support - Full List

2025 Support

cebas Visual Technology Inc. is excited to announce the release of the following products with full support of 3ds Max 2025.
If you've recently downloaded Autodesk 3ds Max 2024, you can now continue being productive and working with your favorite plug-ins. Subscription users in good standing can download the latest upgrade for free from their cebas Product Manager application.

This is the list of Products ready for 3ds Max 2025:
  • thinkingParticles 7
  • thinkingParticles 7 Educational
  • thinkingParticles 7 Demo/Trial
  • finalRender Subscription Drop 7 SP4
  • finalToon Subscription Drop 7
  • maxMp4 Service Pack 2
  • finalFluid Service Pack 3
  • psd-manager 5.0.4
For those who are still using 3ds Max 2022-2024, don't worry! cebas products are still available for use as long as the subscription is current. We are committed to ensuring that our users have access to our products regardless of which version of 3ds Max they are using.
To learn more or to get support, please contact our team at support@cebas.com.