thinkingParticles 7.3 (Subscription Drop 3) – Available Now

The Future of Visual Effects: thinkingParticles 7.3 with Enhanced ME-L

Cebas Visual Technology has launched thinkingParticles 7.3 (Subscription Drop 3), a new version of their visual effects software for 3DS Max. The latest release builds on the success of its predecessor, thinkingParticles 7.2, by introducing an enhanced and more mature version of their Math Expression Language, ME-L. This cutting-edge technology takes a quantum leap in complexity, positioning itself at the forefront of AI-powered natural language models that will speed up VFX scene setup in the future.

Despite its increased complexity, ME-L remains simple, fast, and efficient for visual effects scripting, making it accessible to everyone. This new release is expected to revolutionize the 3DS Max visual effects industry.

A new Node, ExpressionME-L, has been added to the toolset to help leverage all of the new power. This Node allows users to create custom particle simulations and effects using the ME-L programming language. It has a wide range of inputs, functions, and variables to manipulate particle data, interact with 3ds Max objects and materials, and perform complex calculations. One of the most advanced features of ExpressionME-L is the ability to use massively parallel processing through multi-threading to evaluate particle data within a simulation. ME-L scripts have almost unrestricted access to the core simulation data created and used by thinkingParticles itself.

ME-L 7.3 is unmatched in the 3DS Max community, providing users with access to every aspect of their VFX setups without any limitations. Unlike other scripting languages, ME-L 7.3 is lightning-fast, with a real-time interpreter/compiler that can process every aspect of a VFX setup in a massively parallel way. Harnessing the power of multi-core processors, users can now create VFX shots that were previously impossible to achieve, unlocking a new level of productivity and creativity.

With the new release, CEBAS Visual Technology has revolutionized the 3DS Max visual effects industry, providing users with unprecedented access to the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. Learning a new scripting language can be daunting, but the rewards for mastering ME-L 7.3 are immense. Designed to be intuitive and efficient, without the painful shortcomings found in other scripting languages, ME-L 7.3 empowers users to bring their ideas to life like never before.

For more information and a lits of new features, visit the thinkingParticles product page at:  thinkingParticles

To get a full list and description of existing and new features check out the online manual of thinkingParticles 7.3. Follow this link:

thinkingParticles 7.3 officially supports 3ds Max 2023, 2022, 2021 but is also good for 2020/2019.