finalRender Subscription Drop 6

Meet the most advanced Fire & Smoke Volume Material ever Created for 3ds Max

cebas Visual Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate release of finalRender Subscription Drop 6. Its latest release offers many new features and stability improvements over its predecessor.
Subscription customers, in good standing, can upgrade through cebas Product Manager for free.

What's new in Subscription Drop 6

finalRender Subscription Drop 6 has been updated to the latest OptiX 7.5 Version which delivers better RTX performance and feature compatibility. However, with modern GPU innovations the latest NVIDIA drivers have to be present. finalRender’s CUDA core has been updated as well, it is at CUDA version 11.7.

Here is a short list of new things in finalRender

DirectVolumeRendering: finalRender Subscription Drop 6 adds improved and faster DirectVolumeRendering. As of now, there is no other 3ds Max rendering application on the market offering DirectVolumeRender of OpenVDB volumes. cebas Visual Technology invented DirectVolumeRendering for 3ds Max to enable the 3D artist to fully experience the power of OpenVDB inside of 3ds Max.
Now, finalFluid™ is supported via DirectVolumeRendering as is thinkingParticles. This combination of remarkable technologies propels 3ds Max to be the number one choice of tools for advanced procedural visual effects creation.

fR-PyroVDB: a new material created to primarily render Fire and Smoke effects based on OpenVDB volume data. This shader is highly optimized without compromising quality and control. 3ds Max does not offer anything even close to fR-PyroVDB! Unmatched power, unmatched control and unmatched speed.
All volume rendering is done through highly optimized NanoVDB calls. NanoVDB fully supports finalRender's trueHybrid™ rendering approach and offers incredibly fast volume rendering - even on CPU. However, NanoVDB really shines on modern NVIDIA GPU cards.

fR-VolumeVDB: this workhorse, true light scattering, all purpose volume material offers even more powerful features in its latest release. Even though the fR-Pyro material will create the best Fire and Smoke results, this volume shader still represents the only true light scattering shader in finalRender. As one example, physically accurate Spectral Light Scattering is needed to create clouds or other volumetric effects that depend on internal or external illumination effects.

fR-Volume (Object): this finalRender specific object received some extra love and care. 3ds Max In-Viewport volumetric display is now supported along with Multi-volume OpenVDB grids. This allows for easy visualization of various volume data types.

Temporal GPU Denoiser: finalRender Drop 6 comes with NVIDIA's latest GPU denoiser technology. Now, temporal denoising can be activated and it will help in creating much better results when rendering animations. Unlike before, NVIDIA's new GPU Denoiser uses multiple frames to remove noise artifacts.
The picture below shows an EXTREME case to illustrate the amount of progress temporal denoising can achieve with nearly no data at all!

Temporal Denoiser

Lock Sampling Pattern: as a true unbiased Physically Based Spectral renderer, finalRender creates a large amount of random rays and the more rays being shot the more physically accurate the result can get. As always, there is no such thing as free lunch in life. Visual noise is the penalty every unbiased renderer has to pay for their way of doing things. Locking the sampling pattern "in place" (or better: to a screen pixel) is another step in helping the system to reduce visible noise artifacts.

RTX Shader Compile Times: good news! RTX shader compile times have been reduced a lot in this latest release. finalRender’s RTX shaders are key to hardware ray tracing acceleration - it’s a big deal when getting finalRender up and running.

Render Elements: a new option has been added to the fR Velocity Render Element: 2D Screen. This option will output the screen pixel velocity vectors in a separate channel.

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What about FREE? Isn’t that a Sweet Deal?

With the release of Subscription Drop 6, finalRender Free is also made available for immediate download. In an effort to democratize trueHybrid rendering for everyone, cebas Visual Technology created a no feature restriction, free version of its current leading rendering application: finalRender. Delivering the same powerful NVIDIA OptiX™ features, finalRender FREE is the smart choice for 3ds Max artists working in the field of Architecture, Design and 3D Visual Effects.

finalRender FREE vs. finalRender Subscription Drop 6.
Find below the list of differences between the free version and the commercial version of finalRender:

  •  trueHybdrid™ is always Off - One Device only for rendering - Choose either CPU or GPU
  •  finalToon is not part of the free version
  •  No Network Rendering functionality

Besides these aforementioned differences, finalRender Free can be used to freely create and render commercial projects, without any restrictions or royalties.