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cebas announces first ever Public Beta program for 3ds Max

 - finalFluid Beta: Realtime Movie Effects Sparse Grid Fire & Smoke solver for 3ds Max

Cebas Visual Technology Inc. today announced finalFluid Public Beta, available for immediate download. In an effort to bring advanced realtime GPU Visual Effects to every 3ds Max artist, cebas is offering a free Beta version of its upcoming Visual Effects application: finalFluid. This Free Beta program will allow users to have a say and actively help in sculpting the future of 3ds Max' Visual Effects prowess.
At the end of the BETA cycle, every beta tester who took part in the Public Beta Program will get to keep the "last" Beta-Software build "as is". This BETA will be operational and valid until the year 2025. However, there will be no free upgrades or support available for Beta versions.
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finalFluid Public Beta

finalFluid is a NVIDIA GPU based dynamic Eulerian fluid simulation system, used to create advanced smoke and fire effects. This new solver leverages the power of a Sparse Voxel Grid method within an unbounded simulation domain. finalFluid is different from other Grid-Solvers, its solver allocates simulation blocks in a dynamic way, so it uses only memory in active/resident regions of interest. With this approach, finalFluid removes a long standing restriction of GPU fluid solvers - Regular Grids waste enormous amounts of memory in regions where nothing happens at all!

What is finalFluid:

  • NVIDIA-GPU Accelerated Sparse Grid Solver
  • REALTIME Workflow inside of 3ds Max
  • Movie Quality Fire & Smoke VFX
  • Dedicated VFX Tool for 3ds Max 2022/2021/2020

Which other products does it support?

  • thinkingParticles 7
  • finalRender Free
  • finalRender
  • vray 
  • Arnold
  • any 3ds Max renderer with OpenVDB support
  • tyFlow
  • tyFlow Pro
  • PFlow
  • Standard 3ds Max Particle Systems

Where does the Beta happen/live?

Public Facebook Group: Visit the Facebook Group
Public Discord Server: Go to Our Discord Server

Find out More!

cebas welcomes every 3ds Max user to join the realtime GPU Revolution!
To learn more head over to: