finalRender Drop 4 NVIDIA OptiX™7 Core Rewrite - experience a Speed Blast!

March 13, 2020 - cebas Visual Technology Inc. latest Drop 4 update gives subscribers the incredible power of leveraging NVIDIA OptiX™ 7 , RTX™ speed right on your desktop - Optimized for current and future generations of NVIDIA GPU architectures. This drastic core change is the result of months of deep efforts from the cebas development team. A complete core shift erases the NVIDIA predecessor OptiX6 and brings into play the NVIDIA's OptiX 7 application framework specifically optimized for Ray Tracing performances on the GPU. It provides a simple, recursive, and flexible pipeline for accelerating Ray Tracing algorithms. It brings the power of NVIDIA GPUs to your desktop!


With this critical rewrite, finalRender Drop 4 gives you the key to,

  • Scale across multiple GPUs seamlessly
  • Automatically combines GPU memory over NVLink ® for large scenes
  • AI Accelerated rendering using Tensor Cores
  • Ray Tracing acceleration using RT Cores

finalRender now offers dedicated support for RTX GPUs to accelerated Ray Tracing which has immense benefit for rendering in many ways, mainly considerable speed gains at the moment.

The CPU only core has been updated to the latest libraries and performs much more efficiently now. Intel's EMBREE ray tracing framework is now the default and only option for CPU rendering.

This all means cebas subscribers on finalRender trueHybrid ™ system will have their hardware/software architecture ready for future acceleration, with lesser dislocation and save time, effort and costs.


A helpful new feature for automobile project visualizers is the Drop 4 fR-CarPaint. The fR-CarPaint material is a perfect example of how much Physically Based Spectral Rendering (PBSR) can offer to photorealism in design. This pearlescent-style car paint is, in fact, the latest trend in the automobile industry. With Drop 4 new fR-CarPaint, project visualizers can reproduce this spectral effect in a physically accurate way! 


Enhancements have been done for Forest Pack: finalRender was the first 3ds Max GPU renderer to offer near full support for Forest Pack Pro, and it got even better with this latest release. Instancing millions of trees or other objects can be now achieved lighting fast and shows an instancing speedup of up to 10 times!

Volume Rendering - Volume fog has been overhauled resulting in a considerable memory reduction to perform its calculations. Faster rendering speed, and a smaller memory footprint.

Dedicated fR-MatteShadowReflection  the perfect tool to render objects into real  environments.

3ds Max texture-baking is an essential tool in creating games or VR content. finalRender now offers full support for this integrated feature and allows artists to generate every kind of texture baking map you can imagine.

Material System - Drop 4 has a new, more optimized material layering system again to speed up complex composite material constructs. 

CPU Denoiser uses the latest Intel libraries resulting in better image quality and faster processing speed on image denoising.

Drop 4 finalRender supports in addition to its own physically accurate Photometric light, 3ds Max own Photometric lights. finalRender have addressed many of the issues and resolved the existing Photometric light implementation for good. Physically Accurate Spectral-based Rendering is now available with standard photometric lights in 3ds Max. 

HDR workflow - with this latest release drop 4, finalRender brings even better and faster HDR processing to your fingertips. Improved importance sampling, sharper, better shadows from HDR data, and baking of the pre-sampled environment data helps in getting the fastest and most accurate ever HDR illumination in finalRender.

( For complete list of Enhancement and Bug Fixes, please refer to your Subscription Manual )

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