Félicitations Marc Auvigne, Damien Fontaine Voie et Lumiere de Jehanne for the Best Immersive Audiovisual Heavent Paris Saloon Award 2019 / Videomapping

Marc Auvigne, Damien Fontaine and team has done it again. With decades of 3D videomapping experience, their production studio Le Testament de Jehanne / The Testament of Joan of Arc has won another award, this time at the Heavent Paris 2019 for their videomapping indoor show, Basilica of Bois chenu ( 'where Joan of arc hear voices') in Domremy la Pucelle. Over the years, Le Testament de Jehanne productions has won more than five Awards.

Félicitations !

heavent Paris

Powerful, immersive 3D projection mapping outdoor shows are popular in many countries. France is one of the countries in Europe that has year round amazing 3D videomapping festivals - the winner you see here is one of the rare ones that is done on a 3D model of the cathedral interior. The indoor show delights with Voices and Light effects, drone captures, live photography and the audience were much entertained with state-of-the-art 3D videomapping visual effects created by Marc Auvigne and team. Le Testament de Jehanne deploys all three major trademark software from cebas: thinkingParticles (VFX), finalToon (3D model, line styles) and finalRender.

All the moving particles and display are visual effects created with thinkingParticles  Cebas is delighted to support his studio's creative work. 

Original 3D reference of the historical building interior : 


Marc Auvigne creates a closely-knitted 3D model from the original interior references and enhanced lines and shading with finalToon



To contact Marc Auvigne, write him @ marc.auvigne@outlook.com