Thinking Particles Now Works in Tandem with PhoenixFD - Adding Major Destruction Capability to Large Scale Fire and Smoke!

Collapse a Sky Scraper? Sparked up a Fiery scene? Yes, you can do it seamlessly with thinkingParticles Destruction now working in tandem with PhoenixFD 4 Fire and Smoke -- the Best Match there is! VFX artists, post-production studios on 3dsMax now have the choice of a full particle-based destruction or burning scenes with realistic fire and/or smoke from PhoenixFD 4.


Tutorials:  Building Collapse

A step-by-step tutorial including a Pre-fractured Building Geometry from a thinkingParticles destruction simulation, how-to integrate the TP simulation for the Building geometry, such as assigning particle ID; caching with thinkingParticles node, and more. Shows the full deal offered with the New PhoenixFD 4 TP Operator, unleashing the power of TP operators, combined with PhoenixFD FireSmokeSim - bounding box, smoke source and more. 

TP Ph4 vldg collapse


Card Board Boxes on Fire

For this tutorial, you have ten pre-fragmented boxes; scene setup with the following elements: a Phoenix FD Fire / Smoke source (PHXSource) with the thinkingParticles particle groups that are generated by Phoenix FD automatically (when picking up the thinkingParticles node) in its Emitter Nodes list. The Source is in Surface Force mode. Advanced parameters such as the Delaunay triangulation topology suitable for cloth or softbody type of simulation is also doable. For the flying paper pieces, we are going to simulate the softbody with BulletPhysics in thinkingParticles. Work your imagination, and you will find with this PhoenixFD4-thinkingParticles bundle, you can do a lot.


burning cardboard boxes

volumetric rendering


In this tutorial, Joe Gunn of FUSEFX recently created a Get-Started tutorial how-to  access PhoenixFD 4 Operators in Thinking Particles.

 Joe Gunn video lesson

Expect more goodies in the coming New Year 2020 - stay in the know. 

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