thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 8
Largest Release Yet delivers 35 Powerful Operators 

June 27, 2019 - Cebas Visual Technology Inc. is pleased to announce a major release of thinkingParticles subscription Drop 8 (short: tP). Subscription Drop 8 concentrates on the integration of full OpenVDB functionality and also comes with workflow enhancements and bug fixes. Fluid simulation has been upgraded with Flow 6.8 operator, the latest and greatest evolution of the integrated SPH fluid solver. With Flow 6.8 thinkingParticles is now able to deliver world class fluid simulations which look more realistic and life-like than ever.

Now, Valued Subscribers can easily import Volumetric data created in other applications for an easier and more advanced Visual Effects treatment inside of 3ds Max. Artists working on destruction effects will like the newly introduced volume fracture operator which offers true volumetric fracturing and powerful shape-shifting morphing effects tool. For the full features list, you may download the PDF from cebas website

The thinkingParticles OpenVDB toolset, with its vast set of volume tools, offers tremendous flexibility when working with Volumetric Data Manipulation and Caching. Visual Effects displaying morphing or shape-shifting offer now an unmatched level of art-direction and super flexibility and control. Visualizing volume data is always challenging, but with thinkingParticles you can easily turn any proper Signed Distance Field (SDF) into a standard 3ds Max mesh. True Volume Packing, now a part of thinkingParticles 6.8, offers highly optimized 3D packing to perfectly and procedurally filled volumes with spheres of varying radii and amount.

Cebas is committed to further enhance the effects of procedural fluid dynamics, rigid-body and soft-body simulations, and with the massive toolset now released in Drop 8, our development team has created several new tool categories to give easy navigational access to the vast refined set of tools offered by the OpenVDB implementation.

As there are more than 30 new features, there will not be an introduction videos for each feature - See the main Drop 8 release video above.  Download the PDF New Features List from the product page: thinkingParticles 6.8 You can also download the thinkingParticles unlimited free trial or email for an educational license.

thinkingParticles 6.8 supports 3ds Max and Design 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

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