finalRender - what's new in Subscription Drop 3

April 9, 2019 - Cebas is releasing Drop 3 for finalRender today.  Get ready for some amazing updates with cutting edge technology as is always the focus in our development for our much valued users.  Reiterating cebas trueHybrid TM promise, Drop 3 comes with the Intel Open Image Denoiser for those on CPU. Previously, Drop 2 had introduce the GPU AI Denoiser. Users have all the needed choices now - denoise with GPU while rendering in CPU, or denoise with CPU while rendering in GPU, or do both in either CPU or GPU.  Minimizing hardware upgrade pains. 

Subscription Drop 3 brings important bug fixes and a few more features.
Find below the list of changes compared to the original release.

New Features and Fixes in Drop 3

Added Support for NVIDIA OptiX RTX Denoiser.
- Drop3 comes with native support for NVIDIA's RTX Turing GPUs. finalRender offers RTX denoising by fully leveraging Nvidia's tensor core technology to achieve lightning-fast denoising on GPU.

Intel Open Image AI Denoiser
- With the introduction of this brand new CPU based AI denoiser, finalRender delivers again, a 100% feature equivalent trueHybrid mode. finalRender Drop3 now offers Intel's latest AI denoising technology which is purely based on CPU. No other rendering solution for 3ds Max delivers that much flexibility to the artist.

Read the announcement of finalRender Drop 3 on CGChannel.

Click images for animation

video 1 shows the raw output with no denoiser. 


video 2 (left) shows the Intel Denoiser (CPU) at work, and video 3 the OptiX Denoiser (GPU) at work. 


Percentage Ratio
- Information stamp has a new parameter: ‘%ratio’ (percentage ratio) will print out the number of passes used by your CPU and your GPU. It is a great indicator of the efficiency of your CPU or GPU, and lets you decide if it actually makes sense to use your older or outdated CPU to help with rendering an image.

3dsMax-saving finalRender's VFB settings
- Drop 3, now saves the final image from its own frame buffer including all Exposure adjustments or filters (denoising). It is no longer necessary to manually save the modified frame buffer Image or sequence of images.

Texture Baking
- Overall speedup on complex scenes or models. finalRender performs up to 10x faster now.

3ds Max 2020 - finalRender Drop3 fully supports 3ds Max 2020.


General Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The following fixes and enhancements in finalRender Subscription Drop 3:

  • New: CUDA 10.1, latest Graphics Drivers mandatory;
  • Optix AI denoiser for fR-Framebuffer and Rendering;
  • finalToon: Camera correction modifier fully supports Scanline renderer and Vray;
  • finalrender now uses 3ds Max' own integrated qt for better integration and support in 3dsmax 2020;
  • Render Elements showing a pixel shift is now fixed;
  • Enhanced support and improvements for Forest Pack and RailClone;
  • Improvements to instancing in production mode;
  • Rendering with fR-Light material is now much faster especially in complex scenes.