BottleshipVFX 2019 FX Reel inclusive of breakdowns from the China (2019) SciFi,  'The Wandering Earth' - space station explosion, snow collapse scene exclusive; Hunter Killer and Air Strike (2018 ) & Forsaken (tornado on Mars)...and past great shots! 

Bottleship 2019 feature film VFX reel from Bottleship VFX on Vimeo.

Did you miss the recent March 18 LIVESTREAM by Hristo Velev, Managing Director, BottleshipVFX ?  Hristo brings you through the entire process of how the amazing building explosions - imploding and the snow debris visual effects were sequenced. See the recording @

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Over the long years of client relationship, cebas have had the immense pleasure of interviewing and showcasing the diverse projects (east and west) managed by the studio. See: and

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The Wandering Earth vfx breakdown