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finalRender for Maya Open Beta Program Available for FREE Download 

March 06 - Cebas Visual Technology is happy to announce the release of an Open Beta finalRender for MAYA artists.  You are welcome to download this free version of finalRender (Maya) @ main page

Please make sure you watch the Getting Started video @ (Vimeo) or  (Youtube) 

Introduction videos playlist

List of KEY FEATURES, finalRender Maya Release : 

- Support for Maya 2018 Windows 64 bit systems
- Full Maya Stereo Camera Rendering support
- Enhanced Multi Core Support for even faster translation times
- Supported objects are Polygons, Rendertime Subdiv, NURBS, Maya hierarchical subdivs without exceptions.
- Many dedicated ready to render finalRender Materials
- Support for several image file formats including OpenEXR, RPF and RLA

- Updated License model: up to 32 (16 local+16 remote) Cores per license
- Ultra Fast Flicker Free GI
- finalRender Stage-2 Shader SDK (ships with the product)
- True Distributed Network Rendering
- Standard Network Farm-Rendering through batch rendering is supported

- Real world Physical Camera Exposure Model
- Multiple Real World Cameras to choose from

- Photometric and Real Area Light support
- True Area Shadow support
- Fast and efficient real world 3D-Motionblur
- Native support for ReelSmart Motionblur (2D)
- Advanced Caustic Rendering Effects
- Highly Optimized Multi Layered Skin Shader included
- Special Multi-Million Polygon Rendering Mode
- Automatic and Scene dependent Raytracing Optimization
- Maya Shading Network support
- Many custom shaders, including shaderGrind to develop your own.

- Particles, including support of per-particle data (even on particle-instanced geometry)
- Advanced Texture Baking (multiple objects, multiple output in one pass)
- High Resolution Bitmap Rendering, 20k and bigger

- True Micro Triangle Displacement support
- Advanced and Fast NURBS Tessellation
- Efficient geometry instancing
- Sub Division Surfaces at render time

Beta users are invited to create and account and join in at the finalRender OBP Maya Forum @   ( finalRender for Maya Open BETA ) where you will be able to avail to helpful resources as well as post on forum. 

Forum Resources: 
1) Learning Resources 
2) Open BETA Program (OBP): LEGAL - Disclaimer 
3) Ground Rules 
4) Roadmap - potential developments 

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