Announcing the Winners of the CGTrader 3D Female Character Challenge co-sponsored by Cebas


Cebas would like to congratulate the Winners of categories : Realistic Female Characters and Imaginary Female Characters in the CGTrader 3D Challenge. The Challenge was launched in February this year. Organizers and sponsors wanted to encourage healthier depictions of 3D female characters in game and art via this 3D Challenge and this has now been successfully completed.  

Winners were selected out of 150 submissions.  You can view the Winning Artist's Names & Entries @

Realistic female character category:

1st place Username: alexlashko
Full name: Alex Lashko
Prize: finalRender one year subscription

2nd place Username: j-ford8628
Full name:Joel Ford
Prize: finalToon one year subscription

3rd place Username: kristofgiber
Full name: Kristof Giber
Prize: finalToon one year subscription

Sci-fi/cartoon category:

1st place
CGtrader Username:shuographics
Full name: Oleg Shuldyakov
Prize:finalRender one year subscription 

2nd place
CGtrader Username: -sybro
Full name: Simon Brokmann
Prize: finalToon one year subscription 

3rd place
CGtrader Username:raysly94
Full name: Ray Shy Gamarra Garnique
Prize: finalToon one year subscription 

Here are some of the finalist entries:  See all at the above link. 

To know who won, check in @

Cebas will be awarding the Winners with finalRender and finalToon

Thank you for taking part! 


Media inquiries please write to :
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