Not just any unbiased rendering, but Adaptive Sampling Spectral Rendering


Now Available : finalRender trueHybrid DROP 1 for Subscriber's Instant Update

Subscribers can download the update using their Product Manager.  Drop 1 brings important bug fixes and a few more features. Find below the list of changes as compared to the original Release.


finalRender AI denoiser video. Pls access all New Features videos at this Playlist

Leading Edge Features and Fixes in Drop 1

Adaptive Sampling - finalRender Subscription Drop1 introduces adaptive sampling while
still keeping true to its fully unbiased rendering paradigm. Adaptive sampling in finalRender is achieved by reducing the amount of rays it processes in any given pass. With each additional pass, the amount of processed rays will be reduces based on an adaptive noise detection method. To learn more CLICK HERE

NVIDIA AI-Denoiser - artificial intelligence in the form of a neuronal network drives the latest denoiser functionality of finalRender. This latest advancement in rendering technology cuts render times easily in half or even more. Scenes that might render 12 hours can be rendered in 35 Minutes without much visual difference at all. To learn more about the AI-Denoiser CLICK HERE for the new feature video.

Texture Baking - trueHybrid™ technology is now fully available for texture baking (Render To Texture) in 3ds Max. Use either CPU, GPU or both at the same time to bake out your textures and lighting information. Render To texture is deeply integrated into 3ds Max and all the tools available in 3ds Max are now supported. To learn more about Render To Texture in 3ds Max, check out the relevant Help entries found in the 3ds Max help files. CLICK HERE for new features video.



20 X faster with the finalRender AI Denoiser Adaptive Sampling

With this Drop 1 update, CG designers wanting picture perfection will see the difference right by the 10th pass of rendering the image. Note that the AI Denoiser is 'Off ' by Default - no need heavy tweaking, works on a one-button rule. To learn how to turn it 'On' : watch this video. 

General Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The following fixes and enhancements in Drop1:

  • Core Ray tracing Optimizations and Enhancements
  • Latest Support for Intel i9 Generation of CPUs
  • Enhanced Speed and Better Area Light Processing
  • Quadro Volta Graphic Card support fully integrated
  • Added Support for 3ds Max' Shell Material
  • Shadow artifact issues caused by finalRender's Light Material have been fixed
  • Added Support for Unlimited Amount of Textures (GPU)
  • Large Scale, Mass Light -Sources shows Improved Rendering Speed
  • A possible Crash when using Active Shade and finalRender Scatter has been fixed
  • Possible crash when using fRProxy objects with Active Shade has been fixed
  • Fish-Eeye camera is now fully supported in Active Shade
  • Issues with Rayswitch Texture have been fixed
  • Daylight System now properly renders Dark Skies when Sun is set
  • HDR Textures are properly processed now in Active Shade
  • Multi GPU Setups are now more Stable to Work with

Look towards the future, and get finalRender trueHybrid.  It will save you money, time and most all, a peace of mind, knowing that cebas is behind you all the way in terms of technological support. 

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finalRendered Drop 1 RnD by Justin Grant (
Render time: 2 mins 49 secs, 1800 passes, Device: 1 X GPU, CPU (8 threads)







Interior Hall Noon finalRendered by Marco Lazzarini ( with Drop 1 AI Denoiser, Adaptive Sampling.