Ready to go thinkingParticles Service Pack 2 for 6.5

August 18, 2017 - Hot fixes! applicable to both TP professional and educational.


Hot Fixes! 

- PathFollow now works in 3ds Max2018

- HydroBoat, path problem in 3ds Max2018 resolved! 

- Spline, path problem in 3ds Max2018 resolved !

- BTRigidBody operator, parameter update has a problem when called more than once to animate it - resolved!

- Caching .tps stop reading on the network - resolved! 

- LayerToParticle, Initial velocity does not work - resolved!

- VolumeBreaker freeze one frame - resolved 

- * .tps cache sometimes showed bad normals, wrong data write into cache new caching is needed - resolved !

- Objects imported via layertoparticle with deformation has no motion blur - resolved. 

Download from your cebas Product Manager.  Please direct tech support queries to