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Get ready for the Sini Software productivity and workflow enhancement enabled for Cebas Render Suite  

November 21, 2016 -  Cebas Visual Technology Inc. (Victoria, Canada) will support SiNi Software (London, UK) and work together to create greater productivity and workflow tools from SiNi enabled for finalRender, finalToon, moskitoRender professional and educational users.

The SiNi Software product suite launches this month. Artists using the Cebas suite of renderers are invited to explore <IgNite>a workflow enhancement software, which will speed up daily work, bringing everything into one location including loading scripts and 10 bespoke plugins to enhance the artist’s workflow. The plugin automatically configures itself to match the preferred renderer selected by an artist. Therefore, if an artist moves from another renderer to cebas, the tools will be automatically set to the optimum performance.

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This powerful set of Cebas-enabled IgNite plugins includes: HDRI plugin, Asset Management Interface, Camera control and tools, Relinking tools, Render Ready Tools and Render wizard.

Simultaneously with IgNite, SiNi will also be launching, <ProxSi>, an advanced universal proxy plugin for pipeline-proofing and full parametric workflow controls. With ProxSi, artists can save assets within the scene or externally and have the ability to round trip edit, and import a proxy to convert as edit mesh and save back to the proxy without losing it’s “X¨- “Y¨- “Z” placement coordinates. SiNi is also announcing <SiClone>, which features the ability to array multiple objects with different parameters and individual control. All in all, the pair will give artists one of the market’s most advanced, universal assets and parameter management control.

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“3ds Max is all about plugins and expanding the toolset for 3D artists, it is way too easy for software developers to forget about the cooperative ‘plug-in’ environment of 3ds Max. Many artists have told me that what they love about 3ds Max is the powerful plugins. Each new tool added to 3ds Max, be it from a 3rd party developer or even from Autodesk, further empowers the artist by multiplying its functionality. This is what we see with SiNi Software tools, their plugins are a natural enhancement to existing workflows by delivering more power to the 3D artist. This is truly amazing,” says Edwin Braun, CEO cum Co-founder of Cebas Visual Technology.

“Bringing the advantages of 3D software engineering to a wider audience of 3ds Max artists is our mission at SiNi. Having spent more than 25 years using 3D software in busy studio environments, working across both VFX and architecture, we have identified areas of the business that every freelancer and studio can improve on. By partnering with Cebas Visual Technology, we ensure our tools are compliant and deliver added value to artists wishing to take advantage of a streamlined workflow. Our products are designed by 3D artists, TD’s and engineers to save you valuable time and money,” says Nigel Hunt, CEO cum Co-founder of SiNi Software.

Cebas consistently partners with selective companies to invest in activities that will add unique value to our users’ workflow environment and SiNi Software is one such amazing development. 

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